Booster Club Interns are an Energetic Duo

Aaron Feltman and Ekaterina Koulakova were recipients of this year’s Art Honor Society Award

August 1, 2016

The Huntington Booster Club has landed a pair of energetic interns for the new school year. Incoming seniors Grace Curran and Ashley Wright will be working with the organization throughout 2016/17.

Retiring Booster Club official Christina Plant played a role in bringing the two teenagers into the fold. “I was seriously considering other internships within the school, but when Mrs. Plant asked if I was interested in the Booster Club, I immediately wanted to pursue it,” Ms. Curran said.

Once Ms. Curran decided to come aboard she spoke with her classmate. “Grace asked me if I wanted to do the Booster Club internship with her and I decided to pursue it because I wanted to do an internship, but wasn’t sure what for. When Grace told me about it, I just decided to go for it.”

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Ashley Wright

The teenagers are expected to play important roles with the organization, which has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Blue Devil athletic program in recent years. Class of 2016 members Thomas Kopstein and Justin Martinolich interned with the Booster Club last year and the pair proved to be invaluable to President Timothy Pillion.

“Tom and Justin were great to work with and they handled all of their duties and responsibilities with maturity and professionalism,” Mr. Pillion said. “They really shined.”

Mr. Kopstein will be attending the University of Arizona. He’s interested in pursuing international studies as an academic major. Mr. Martinolich is headed to Virginia Commonwealth University.

Ms. Curran and Ms. Wright are in the early stages of their respective college search process. “Although I haven’t narrowed down the schools I want to look at yet, I know I am interested in ones with large communications programs, specifically with a public relations major,” Ms. Curran said. “The Booster Club internship incorporates both social and marketing skills that I feel will help me determine if that is the right field for me.”

One of Huntington’s top field hockey players, Ms. Curran is expected to be one of the Blue Devils leaders this fall. She will also be the Habitat for Humanity club’s secretary and an event chair for next June’s Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Ms. Wright is also set to return to the field for Huntington’s field hockey team. “My first three years at Huntington were a lot of fun and I’ve had no problems,” the incoming senior said. “I really love the school. I’m very sad to leave honestly. I have no idea what college I want to go to or what I want to study, but I know I want to stay in New York.”

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Grace Curran

Mr. Pillion and his fellow executive board members can’t wait to begin working with the new interns. “We are expecting a wonderful year and we would love to have Grace and Ashley involved in as many of our activities as possible,” he said.

As the two seniors enter their final year of high school, they are both set to enjoy their best experiences yet, including interesting classes, sports and extracurricular clubs and other activities.

“Huntington High School so far has been such a positive place for me, both academically and socially and I wouldn’t change a thing about my past three years,” Ms. Curran said.

Ceramics and Sculpture Award winner Esmeralda Hernandez with teacher Kim Valerio (3)
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