Ripley Mars Captures LI Blood Services Scholarship

LI Blood Services Award recipient Ripley Mars with guidance counselor Diana Bonilla.

August 1, 2016

Ripley Mars showed just how much she cares about people in need by spearheading a series of blood drives at Huntington High School during the 2015/16 school year.

With the demand for blood and its related products running higher than ever, the drives took on more meaning than ever. In recognition of her inspiring donor recruiting and coordinating efforts, Ms. Mars earned a $500 Long Island Blood Services scholarship for helping to make the blood drives a success.

Ms. Mars was honored at Huntington’s senior academic awards ceremony in the high school auditorium in June. The Long Island Blood Services scholarship is awarded to students who exemplify community service and volunteerism in the organization of a high school blood drive. With fewer than two percent of the New York community giving blood, coordinating a blood drive is not easy.

The epitome of a well-rounded student, Ms. Mars is headed to Binghamton University where she plans to study neuroscience. She won varsity letters with the Blue Devil girls’ soccer team, took on a leadership role with the high school Key Club and earned several awards in the National History Day competition as a sophomore and junior.

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Ripley Mars

The teenager was involved in the Key Club’s successful K-Factor talent show fundraiser and also participated in the Sears holiday shopping tour for underprivileged children. Named a Distinguished Senior after compiling a minimum 90 academic grade average during every semester of high school, Ms. Mars graduated near the top of the Class of 2016.

The awards ceremony crowd was told that Ms. Mars “demonstrated leadership and community service in the organization of the school blood drives. She helped make a difference in people’s lives while giving back to the community.”

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