H-ton Senior Olivia Arciprete Loves Being a Blue Devil

Huntington senior Olivia Arciprete.

August 29, 2016

Olivia Arciprete loves being a Blue Devil. The Huntington High School senior is a happy teenager who lives life to the fullest. She’s a mainstay on the field hockey team and an essential member of the Class of 2017.

A sensitive and caring young woman, Ms. Arciprete sets high goals for herself and works hard to attain them. “This year I want to get a 1,300 on my SAT and hopefully get into a good school with a fantastic science program,” she said. “I want to take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to me academically.”

The senior has a full academic schedule, including Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, AP Psychology and Regents Physics, among other courses. She also plans to devote time to Habitat for Humanity, Key Club and the Relay For Life organizing committee.

“I want to major in forensics in college and minor in either psychology or chemistry,” Ms. Arciprete said. “It was hard to choose which one I wanted to major in, but I realized that although I loved all three, I truly loved and wanted to be a forensic scientist. It wasn’t until I was sitting in my first period forensics class and was watching an autopsy that I realized that was the field I wanted to go into. There is so much to do in the science field. I cannot imagine doing anything else in my life.”

Huntington's Olivia Arciprete with the ball.
(Mike Connell photo.)

With the fall athletic season ramping up, Ms. Arciprete has returned for her final season with the Blue Devil field hockey team. “I’ve been playing since I was in seventh grade and can’t imagine myself doing another sport,” she said. “I have struggled with my stick skills in the past and I hope to improve them and be a better player.”

Her pleasant personality has pulled many friends into Ms. Arciprete’s orbit. She gets along well with everyone in the high school building. The senior’s easygoing manner and upbeat nature make for an irresistible combination.

“In my sophomore year I had two great teachers that really impacted my life greatly,” Ms. Arciprete said. “I had Ms. [Danielle] Lusardi for Regents Chemistry and completely fell in love with the subject. I tried my very best in that class and the subject and material came very easy to me. I wanted to do very well in her class and aimed to get a 100 on the Regents, but didn’t, unfortunately, even with hours and hours of studying. I ended up becoming her lab assistant in my junior year and her and I really bonded together. This senior year I will also be her lab assistant again.”

Ms. Arciprete has also benefitted from the relationship she developed with science teacher Edward Florea. “Mr. Florea was the teacher that made me realize that I want to be a forensic scientist when I am older,” she said. “I found the subject completely fascinating. Because of these two teachers I realized that I want to major in forensics and minor in chemistry in college.”

Mr. Florea said he’s enjoyed watching Ms. Arciprete “strive to succeed by going above and beyond her call of ‘student duty.’” The veteran teacher grew to respect the teenager for her work ethic and attitude toward her classroom studies.

“Olivia demonstrates a sense of strength, which in today’s day and age is few and far between,” Mr. Florea said. “Her drive motivates other students to challenge themselves to achieve to the best of their ability. She was a leader in the forensics classroom. I’m very proud of Olivia and know she has the necessary tools to be successful in any endeavor she focuses her mind on.

The annual Homecoming Week is one of the highlights of Ms. Arciprete’s high school years. “The fact that everyone gets together and has so much school spirit is what I love about it,” she said. “I love walking in the parade and collecting money for our breast cancer game. Another highlight would have to be Relay For Life. I have been participating in it since I was in seventh grade and love it more and more each and every time. Hearing people tell their stories and what they’ve gone through truly touches my heart.”

Although she has thoroughly enjoyed high school, Ms. Arciprete is beginning to plan for her future. She’s starting to consider her college options. “I’m not planning on playing a sport in college because I want to focus on my school work, but if I were to, I would probably play field hockey since I love the sport so much,” she said.

The senior is intent on making every day count this year. Ms. Arciprete wants to get involved in as much as she can and savor every experience. When graduation rolls around next June, she doesn’t plan on having a single regret.

“I have loved attending Huntington,” Ms. Arciprete said. “I remember when I was in eighth grade and some of my friends were leaving to go to other high schools. I can honestly say that I am genuinely happy to be a part of the Blue Devils. I have had a great high school experience and time has just flown by. I cannot believe I am a rising senior.”

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