Huntington School Briefs

Washington's Featured Artists of the Month display.

December 05, 2016

Washington Primary School introduced the Artist of the Month Award during an October assembly in the gymnasium. Principal Marsha Neville introduced the first group of recipients to the more than 400 students attending classes in the building.

The honorees included Mia Fils Aime, Cameron Northrup, Darren Krantz, Jr., Aiyanna Petro Young, Edwin Lopez, Jr., Sofia Ramirez, Hailey Stone, Jimena Mancia Guevara, Robert Campbell, Natalie Canales, Charles Desrouchers, Darlin Merlos Campos, Alvin Luna-Mancia, Matthew Jimenez, Eunice Lee, Abigail Vasquez Mendez, Esparanzza Campos, Anthony Retamal Vidal and Estyven Arreaga Merida.

Mrs. Neville presented the award winners with certificates and they received a round of applause from their classmates. Their artwork has been on display in the main hallway near the cafeteria.

The students are working with art teachers Maria Mazzola and Karen Morea.

Woodhull Student Council

The Woodhull Intermediate School student council is led by President Jack DelPonte, Vice President Ella Kamenstein, Treasurer Talia Addeo and Secretary Sophia Segal.

Teachers Scott Armyn and Diane Grassi serve as the student council faculty advisors.

Finley Career Café

Carlos Burgos speaks at Finley's Career Cafe.

J. Taylor Finley Middle School recently hosted professional photographer Carlos Burgos for a Career Café presentation in the building’s large group instruction room.

Mr. Burgos spoke about a career in the art industry, including a typical day as a photographer or creative professional and what skills students could start developing now to help them in their future.

Discussions included the importance of middle and high school courses to a later career in the arts and what students can do now to start their journey. Forty-three students attended the Career Café across two periods. 

Washington Safety Patrol Introduced

Washington Primary School students were recently introduced to a new safety patrol program staffed by fourth grade leadership team members.

Principal Marsha Neville announced the initiative during an assembly in the gymnasium. She discussed the goals of the program to all 400 students enrolled at the school and explained how it would work.

Fourth graders Nicholas Plachta and Maggie O’Toole were the first safety patrol officers to help students display safe, responsible and respectful behavior during arrival and dismissal each day. The officers rotate on a regular basis to give fourth grade leadership team members an opportunity to develop their skills.

Donations to School District

The Huntington Booster Club is presenting a donation of 10 “angle doctors” for use by the Blue Devil tennis program. The donation is valued at $320.

An angle doctor “guides players to feel the correct angle between the racquet and the hitting arm, and is fully adjustable for players of all sizes,” according to an online description. “The angle doctor immediately fixes many common problems including volleyers who drop their racquet head. It also helps players lengthen through contact on groundstrokes.”

The Kustera family donated a Casio Privia keyboard with stand and a Yamaha DTX500 drum set to the J. Taylor Finley Middle School music department. The donation is valued at approximately $900.

Huntington parent Susan Blog donated approximately 140 young adult books to the Huntington High School library. The donation is valued at $1,540.

The Flower Hill Primary School PTA donated a sign to be displayed in the front of the building. The donation is valued at $2,000.

The Town of Huntington donated a Howard 550-C grand piano to the Huntington School District’s music program. This piano will replace the current rehearsal piano at Huntington High School. The donation is valued at approximately $1,000.

Washington String Awards

Washington Primary School music teacher Nicole Lynch recently announced the first set of String Student Award recipients. Janelee Gomez, Charlotte Curtin, Valerie Ferreira and Julia Aldas were all honored.

Trustees Approve School Safety Plans

The Huntington School Board recently held a public hearing and then adopted district and school level safety plans for the 2016/17 school year. The presentation and district safety plan are both posted on the district website at

Building level plans are not posted on the website since the information contained in them is “highly confidential,” Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Acker said. The plans have been verified to contain all the required elements that ensure emergency preparedness as per state law.

Following adoption by trustees, the plans were submitted to the Suffolk County Police Department and the New York State Police as well as local fire departments.

Huntington School Board Honored

Huntington School Board members were honored for their devoted volunteer service to the community during a recent public meeting.

The Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School and Woodhull Intermediate School art and music programs took the lead this year with colorful works and enjoyable performances.

The Star Spangled Banner was performed by the district’s sixth grade chorus. Sixth grade band members Nadeera Ali, Fiona Brosnan, Logan Toth, Danielle Medikyan, Stephanie Wickey, Leigh Hepworth, Aidan Carrello and Megan Donaghy performed the Military March and America the Beautiful.

The Russian Music Box was performed by the following sixth grade orchestra members: Violin: Damanjit Singh, Aliya Davis, Kayla Fives, Mikah Schueller, Enzo Pupillo, Tess Maerz, Ashley Morales, Gabby Miller, Miranda Bellissimo, Pablo Luna-Szodo; Viola: Kelly Morales, Alana Kohut and Jackie Ramirez; Cello: Charlie Siepel, Ian Rotunno and Gemma Cartwright; Bass: Matt Armstrong and James McCormick.

Colorful artwork in the Jim Dine style was created by Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School and Woodhull School students and affixed to the paneled walls along the stage.

Jim Dine is an American painter, sculptor, poet and graphic artist who is known for his works that combine painted canvas with ordinary objects found in daily life. His themes regularly include memory, the body and personal identity.

Teachers Christina Bhasin, Katie Canales, Todd Hiscox, Chelsea Jablon and Claude Masear worked with the students that were featured.

Washington Principal Marsha Neville with Featured Artists of the Month.
Washington Safety Patrol officers Maggie O'Toole and Nicholas Plachta.
A demonstration of an Angle Doctor in use.
Colorful artwork recognized school board members for their service.
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