Southdown School Honors its Fall Stars

Teacher Theresa Duffy with student leaders holding photos of new benches.

December 06, 2016

Southdown Primary School honored its fall stars during a recent “splash” assembly program in the gymnasium. Teachers recognized a set of outstanding students who shined during October and November and the youngsters heard more about a new initiative that’s being launch this month.

“December has been designated Random acts of Kindness Month at Southdown,” Principal Scott Oshrin said. “The PTA donated two buddy benches to each of our playgrounds. If children don’t have someone to play with at recess, they can sit on the bench and wait for someone to invite them to play.”

Southdown Student Council President Nina Fascilla spoke to all 400 students about this new initiative. Several other student council representatives acted out a skit to model how the benches can be utilized. Teacher Theresa Duffy facilitated the presentation.

Southdown’s Stars of the Month for October include:

Kindergarten: Devon Maxwell, Nina Altarac, Emily McCarthy and Tamia Delgado; First grade: Quinn Fehrenbacher, Jack Aversano, Henry Fox, Campbell Proctor and Johan Escobar-Reyes; Second grade: Joana Martinez-Alfaro, Analia Bonilla, Madyn Kalb and Jesus Menor Vazquez; Third grade: Frankie Algieri, Emely Herrera Rivas and Joanna Villalta; Fourth grade: Sophie Carlson, Lauren Donaghy and Christopher Yanes.

November’s Stars of the Month include:

Kindergarten: Jack McLaughlin, Matthew Donovan, Calder Lyon and Jack Oswald; First grade: Keysi Valencia Campos, Sayra Granados, Tulsi Singh, Mia Gormsen and Dario Stincone; Second grade: Quinn Rinaldi, Kailyn Hanna, Jake Chiclacos and Jack Steinberg; Third grade: Riley Uvena, Alexa Bonilla, Jaipreet Singh; Fourth grade: Edgar Vidal-Villalba, Christian Mugno and Christian Yanes.

The splash assembly crowd gave each of the honorees a nice round of applause. The fall stars gathered together in the gym for a commemorative group photo with Mr. Oshrin.

Why a so-called “splash” assembly? Well, that’s an easy question to answer. Southdown is the home of the dolphins, the school’s mascot. Students are awarded “splashes” for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and out and about the building, including being kind to others, demonstrating proper behavior in hallways and even boosting the spirits of someone feeling a little down.

One Southdown student is selected from each class in the building for formal recognition at the monthly “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its stars of the month.

Southdown's fall student stars with Principal Scott Oshrin.
Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin
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