H-ton English Honor Society Welcomes New Members

Huntington English Honor Society executive board members and faculty advisors.

December 07, 2016

The Post Ellipsis chapter of the National English Honor Society at Huntington High School inducted 59 new members during a Monday evening ceremony in the auditorium.

To be considered for NEHS membership a student must have a minimum academic grade average of 90, “exhibiting an impressive breadth of academic excellence,” while maintaining an English grade of at least 92 on the Regents level or 94 on the honors level.

The new inductees include Jonah Anastos, Matthew Baker, Hannah Bailin, Erin Bonitz, Mia Breitbarth, Madison Buchholtz, Henry Cartwright, Ashlyn Case, Michelle Castillo-Lopez, Kyle Chin, Hadley Clayton, Anna Crockett, Veronique Daniel, Lianna DeChiaro, Zenia Dia, Casey DiGiacomo, Maya DelGiudice, Jahi Douglas, Eliza Engelscher, Ilsi Martinez Euceda, Jack Farrell, Isabella Fox, Sara Frawley, David Fredericks, William Garfinkel, Emma Grassi, Mathew Hearl and Ryan Hoffmann.

Huntington's English Honor Society chapter
inducted 59 new members.

Yasmin Khilji-Neal, Adina Kirkland, Sophia LaCentra, Camryn Libes, Candido Martinez, Annabella Matheus, Michael McCooey, Grace McKenna, Xavier Edgar-McNerney, Morgan Minicozzi, Noah Morris, Haley Mortell, David Mosden, Garrett Moya, Mia Nitekman, Shaye O’Beirne, Anthony Puglisi, Katie Riley, Samuel Roberts, Rachel Roday, Kaitlyn Sage, Lauren Sage, Adriana Scarpati, Casey Smith, Alyssa Sorensen, Katherine Stock, Ariana Strieb, Nicole Walsh, Sarah White, Kelly Warren and Jenna Yabroudy were also welcomed into the prestigious organization as newly inducted members.

The new inductees expanded the group’s ranks to 150. The organization is led president Sarah James, vice president Nolan Piccola, treasurers Shannon Foley and Thomas Edgar-McNerney, secretaries Anjali Kapur and Zachary McGinniss and historian Lindsay Saginaw. English teachers Aimee Antorino and Helen Guarino serve as the faculty advisors.

“The art of communication is at the heart of what makes all of us social beings,” Principal Brenden Cusack told the society’s new members during his keynote address. “The ability to convey and receive information in an effective way is essential in all of the thousands of interactions we have each day. Your induction into the National English Honor Society shows that you are on your way to mastering these skills. Whether it is analyzing literature, making deductions from informational texts, seeking out rhetorical devices in speeches of the past or crafting your own writing with a sense of voice and purpose, you have excelled. As a former teacher of English, I am especially proud of you as I know that, while all disciplines are important and challenging, the study of English serves those other disciplines, for without skillful communication and analytical skills, other forms of study would undoubtedly suffer.”

Officers called the inductees by name to the stage one-by-one and presented them with a membership certificate. The members are now expected to participate in the society’s many volunteer activities.

“Henry David Thoreau once said ‘It takes two to speak the truth; one to speak and another to listen,’” Mr. Cusack said. “It is clear that all of you here this evening have an understanding of this and you have made your way into that all-important, give-and-take discussion in search of truth. I invite you to continue this discussion and journey for the remainder of your high school years and beyond. It will take you far.”

The evening also featured performances by a string quintet. High school choir members sang the Star Spangled Banner and also performed a medley of holiday songs.

Huntington’s Post Ellipsis chapter annually inducts at least one honorary member. This year the organization inducted Huntington Foundation President Alice Marie Rorke, who sat on the stage with executive board members and the faculty advisors.

The new members formally entered NEHS ranks during a ceremony that saw each of the teenagers light and hold a candle as they stood before the stage in the auditorium.

The inductees were required to recite the following pledge: “As a member of the National English Honor Society, I shall endeavor to advance the study of all areas of English and to foster a spirit of fellowship among students excelling in all facets of the English Language Arts, ever keeping in mind our national motto as our guiding principle: Gelast Sceal Mid Are–duty goes with honor.”

“The motto represents one of the earliest forms of our language; it affirms and celebrates an obligation to use one's gifts in service to others,” according to the NEHS website. “Service to peers, school, and community are part and parcel of the NEHS mission and, indeed, in the grammatical structure of the Old English phrase, ‘duty’ actually proceeds ‘honor.’”

A reception was held immediately following the ceremony for students and their parents. The inductees were congratulated by family members and high school and district officials, including Assistant Principals Joseph DiTroia and Gamal Smith, Chairman of Humanities Joseph Leavy and Superintendent James W. Polansky

New English Honor Society members Maya DelGiudice and Ariana Strieb.
Some of the 59 new members during the candlelighting ceremony.
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