Washington Students Capture November Awards

Principal Marsha Neville and teacher Maria Mazzola with the honored artists.

December 07, 2016

Washington Primary School students crowded into the gymnasium earlier this week for dual presentations of November’s Washington Ways Awards and Featured Artists of Month honorees. There was even a skit and role-playing on proper bus behavior. All in all, it was a lot of fun for everyone.

Principal Marsha Neville kicked things off by presenting a group of exceptional youngsters with certificates for being tapped as November’s Washington Ways Award recipients. The honorees included Isabella Ulloa, Jonathan Alvarado, Daniel Rodriquez, Aylin Gomez, Kellen Anderson, Bryan Munos Reyes, Sabino Gomez, Samuel Osias, Timmy Tiliakos, Rebecca Stone, Jaylin Barquera, Emma Winter, Shariff Penalo, Charlotte Cassatto, Brian Arreaga, Katherine Valle Herrera, Justin Manzanares-Quintanilla, Carlos Figueroa, Ashley Garcia-Alvarez, Brianna Velazquez and Ada Cruz Gutierrez.

The Washington Ways initiative focuses on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior while encouraging students to be safe, respectful and responsible. Students across all grade levels are given various colored tickets by teachers and support staff members for exemplary behavior. The tickets can be presented to the youngsters throughout the day.

The entire classes of kindergarten teacher Maria Lanzot and second grade teacher Patricia Maltempo earned November’s Blue Ticket Award for their positive presence throughout the building.

White tickets are awarded weekly for good behaviors and actions in the classroom. White ticket winners are honored with special recognition in their classroom at the end of each week and their names are announced every Monday morning.

Red tickets are presented to individuals for notable good behavior outside of classrooms, including in hallways, buses, the playground and cafeteria, etc. At the end of the month, the student in each class with the greatest number of red tickets is recognized with a special certificate. Mrs. Neville announces the names of the honorees during a full school monthly assembly in the gym.

Entire classes can earn blue tickets for positive group behavior out-of-the-classroom. Blue tickets are also awarded to the two classes within the building with the most tickets overall.

Featured Artists of the Month

This week’s assembly program also include the presentation of Featured Artist of the Month Awards to Jimena Jimenez, Kellen Anderson, Angelica Cunningham, Ethan Hobbi, Sabino Gomez, Janelle Benitez Euceda, Ashlin Perez, Jhony Moreira-Nativi, Marilyn Mendoza Virula, Genesis Escobar Nicolas, Olivia Lee, Ronan Sosnowski, Carlos Espinal Garcia, Jamynn Husselbeck, Juanita Marquez Alvarez, John Song, Justin Villatoro and Nicole Chang.

Mrs. Neville presented the award winners with certificates and they received sustained applause from their classmates. Their artwork is now on display in the school’s main hallway near the cafeteria.

The students are in classes taught by art teachers Maria Mazzola and Karen Morea.

Leadership Team Skit on Bus Behavior

A group of fourth grade leadership team members presented a short skit on proper bus behavior. The youngsters role-played through various situations and both demonstrated and explained how they should be handled. Mrs. Neville facilitated the presentation, which was led by Maggie McDonald.

The Washington School gym was packed for the awards assembly.
These kindergarten classmates were excited to be at the awards assembly.
November's Washington Ways Award recipients with Principal Marsha Neville.