Jefferson Showcases its Artists of the Month

Jefferson's Featured Artists for December with teacher Maria Mazzola.

December 09, 2016

Creativity flows freely among the students at Jefferson Primary School on Oakwood Road in Huntington. The youngsters express themselves in art classes weekly and their work is impressive.

Jefferson likes to encourage its students to think outside the box and use their imaginations. The youngsters derive inspiration and motivation from a variety of sources and what they manage to come up with is frequently fascinating.

Jefferson’s Featured Artists of the Month initiative sprung to life when Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide and art teacher Maria Mazzola decided the top pieces of artwork needed to be shared more widely with the school community and the students who created it needed to be publicly acknowledged for their exceptional efforts.

The artwork of one student from each Jefferson classroom is featured each month. The pieces are hung in the hallway and the students are formally acknowledged with a medal. The group is gathered together for a commemorative photo, too.

December’s featured artists include Jordin Aguilar Chavez, Saira Amin, Giankarlos Bracero, Chloe Donovan, Katerin Garcia-Maldonado, Mailin Giron Morejon, Kevin Gordon, David Grandados-Medrano, Eric Heinz, Michael Hernandez Rubio, Andrew Mata Cortez, Izabella Mejia, Andrew Ochoa Islas, Raul Ortega Salgado, Jose Quintanilla, Faith Robertson and Isaac Vasquez Aguirre.

Jefferson’s Featured Artists of the Month program kicked off earlier this fall and it’s been a hit.