Capitalism on Display at Southdown’s Market Day

Southdown fourth graders had fun at Market Day.

December 22, 2016

Southdown Primary School fourth graders recently experienced American capitalism in its purest form. The youngsters participated in Market Day, an always popular activity that never fails to produce excitement.

After earning “Southdown bucks” for good behavior at the school, students were able to shop for a variety of treats during the highly anticipated session. The students themselves create their own businesses, which can range from selling gently used books or baseball cards to creating a game with prizes for the winners and dozens of others, including some really creative enterprises.

The fourth graders worked with teachers Kimberly Myers-Bender, Patrice Monks and Soraya Triessl in the run-up to the big day. The initiative helped the youngsters understand many of the basic concepts inherent in America’s free market economy.

“Each business owner was required to purchase a business license before setting up his/her shop,” Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin said. “Decorative signs were made to advertise each business. We saw many creative ideas, including handmade jewelry, pipe-cleaner accessories, duct tape pens and pencils and origami creations.”

The Southdown fourth graders were also able to take a chance at a few “guess how many” raffles and the played their hearts out in hockey, basketball and darts. All in all the youngsters enjoyed the experience of being entrepreneurs, consumers and just plain kids.

“It was a day of fun-filled learning,” Mr. Oshrin said. “Students eagerly shared their projects with one another. Teaching children about running a small business is important even at a young age. Thank you to Ms. Monks, Ms. Triessl, and Ms. Myers for their leadership on this project.”

Southdown fourth graders made great business owners and consumers.
Southdown fourth graders had fun at Market Day.
Principal Scott Oshrin participated in Market Day at Southdown.
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