Spotlight on Huntington Photographer Alyssa Fox

Alyssa Fox is at home with a camera in her hand.

December 23, 2016

Alyssa Fox is one of Huntington High School’s top young photographers. The teenager is producing splendid pieces of art that are increasingly capturing the attention and imagination of her classmates, teachers and professionals in the field.

Ms. Fox has already completed several courses, including Introduction to Photography (darkroom) as well as Advanced Photography (digital). She’s now immersed in Advanced Placement 2D Photography.

The Huntington senior is also attending Wilson Tech part-time and is studying photography there, too. Photography fills an essential place in the teenagers daily life.

“This year Alyssa in my AP-2D class and she has developed a beautiful concentration that focuses on mental health issues,” Mrs. Piffard said. “I believe she will earn a high score on her AP. So far, the results of her work are terrific.”

Photography teacher Pam Piffard on Alyssa Fox . . .
“Alyssa Fox has been my student for the past three years. She has a natural talent in art and photography that I feel will only grow stronger with further study. She works really hard and her determination has really paid off. Her portfolio is a beautiful display of her talents. Over the last three years I have seen Alyssa grow as a student and in maturity as well. She is a fighter. You will not find someone who will try harder with photography than Alyssa. Things do not always come easy for her, but she does not give up. I see her overcoming every obstacle and being more confident each day. I am proud of Alyssa and her determination.”

Questions and Answers with Alyssa Fox

Q: How old are you and what grade are you in?
Alyssa Fox: “I’m 17 and in twelfth grade.”
Q: How did you first get interested in photography?
Alyssa Fox: “When I was a kid I always loved those Kodak disposable cameras so I suppose that is where my interest came from. When I was 10, I got my first digital camera, which I was in love with it and never stopped using until I upgraded to a more professional camera.”
Q: Where do you get your ideas?
Alyssa Fox: “If I don’t have an idea in my head already, I look on Pinterest, Flickr or even in some books.”
Q: Is there any specific type of photography you like best?
Alyssa Fox: “I love all types of photography. I am most drawn to images of macro nature photography, portraits and images of the body.”
Q: How has the Huntington photography program helped you with your love of photography?
Alyssa Fox: “The Huntington photography program has profusely helped encourage and develop my love for photography. It has provided the materials and the dark room to help advance my skill in film photography, as well as teaching me my way around Photoshop, which I now know fairly well. In addition, Mrs. Piffard has made me feel more confident in myself and my work. It’s an amazing program that I am so lucky to be a part of.”
Q: Do you plan to continue with photography or go to school for it?
Alyssa Fox: “Yes, I plan to go to school for photography as I further my education. I eventually hope to work for a company or start a photography business of my own. Photography is my passion and I wouldn’t feel right doing anything else as a career. I am currently in the process of putting together my portfolio to apply to colleges.”
Q: Are you involved with any other types of art?
Alyssa Fox: “I enjoy painting in addition to photography. I’ve recently been exploring graphic design as well.”
Q: Do you pursue art outside of school?
Alyssa Fox: “Yes I try to incorporate art into everyday life because without it I feel dull and boring. From my fashion sense to the way I decorate my room, it all has art involved in some shape of form. I also take photo at Wilson Tech. So basically my day is photo, photo, photo!”

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