H-ton Senior Business Students Visit Finley Eighth Graders

Huntington High School business students recently visited Finley.

November 02, 2016

A group of happy Huntington High School business students traveled to J. Taylor Finley Middle School to market a set of elective courses to eighth graders and share advice and information so they can hit the ground running as freshmen next September.

The high school contingent met with Family and Consumer Science classes taught by Sharon Holly and Jaclyn Ambrosio. Seniors Allyson Arleo, Abigail Bellistri, Sam Biblow, Cody Bograd, Daniel Browne, Garrett Moya and Brian Wiengo joined business teachers Suzie Biagi and Paige Tyree on the trip across town.

What began as a discussion about business courses turned into a detailed conversation about transitioning to high school and what to expect. “The seniors gave excellent advice and strategies that the eighth graders took to heart,” Ms. Tyree said. “They stressed the importance of getting involved with the many clubs available to students at the high school level. They talked about the opportunity to spearhead their own club if interested, like Dan and Cody did with the ping pong club.” 

The eighth graders listened intently as the seniors discussed the business classes available on the high school level. “They shared some of their favorite aspects of their chosen courses, like learning practical career and financial life skills, participating in real world scenarios like moot court and investing in a live simulation stock market game,” Ms. Tyree said. Field trips to Madison Square Garden and the Suffolk correctional facility in Riverhead captured the imagination of the Finley eighth graders. 

The high school students urged their eighth grade counterparts to “take a chance,” even if a particular class or club doesn’t interest them at first. The seniors encouraged the Finley students to utilize the “abundant resources” that are available at the high school.

The trip proved to be rewarding for both groups of students. “It was cool to see how far we’ve come since eighth grade,” Mr. Moya said. “I’m glad we got the opportunity to share our stories and knowledge about the high school to help the Finley students succeed in the future.”

As the seniors head into their months at the high school, they said it felt good to reconnect with Finley, with members of the group spent two happy years. They were excited to share their experiences and hopeful the eighth graders benefitted from what they heard.

“I really loved going to Finley to speak with students,” Ms. Arleo said. “I wish when I was in eighth grade I was given the opportunity to listen to seniors tell of their experience. Giving them advice and talking about my passion, business, was really fun. I was randomly placed in a business class during freshman year and ended up finding out I want to pursue business. I’m hoping the same happens to another freshman coming in. We told the eighth graders to try everything and really get involved because then you may find your passion for the future.”

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