Jefferson School Honors October’s Top Citizens

Jefferson Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide with October's award winnners.

November 3, 2016

Jefferson Primary School faculty members like to keep students in the building “pumped up” and excited about learning. Since the school opened in September 1962, its classrooms have been filled with enthusiastic youngsters and this year is no different.

Jefferson honors students each month with Spot Awards. When a Jefferson student displays commendable behavior, teachers and staff members “spot” the youngster. An all-grades assembly is held each month to recognize the students who have been “spotted” the most.

Why a Spot Award? That’s an easy question to answer. The Jefferson School mascot is a jaguar, an animal known for its spotted appearance. Every Jefferson student is trying to get spotted so they can be an award winner, too.

“Throughout the school year, we focus on being safe, responsible and respectful citizens at Jefferson Primary School,” Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide said. 

October Spot Award recipients include:

Jordin Aguilar-Chavez, Bella Bernzweig, Julian Canales, Aneliese Cardwell, John Connor, Grayson Dunn, Oliver Frintzilas, Katerin Garcia Maldonado, Imre Hollosi, Erin Hanlon, Lily Hotine, Samantha Jandres Benitez, Maxwell Manu, Logan Miller, Fintan Prinz, Karina Rodriguez and Josue Velasquez Ramirez.

The honorees were assembled for group photo while they were holding their Citizen of the Month certificates. The youngsters smiled as they joined Ms. Capitulo-Saide in the school gymnasium. It was clear they were a very happy bunch and quite proud, too.

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