Tricia Arceri Preps for State Diving Championships

Ithaca College is hosting the state swimming and diving championships.

November 10, 2016

Tricia Arceri knows she’s going to be put to the test at Ithaca College next week. The Huntington High School junior is prepping for the state diving championships the only way she knows how; by working hard.

The Blue Devil star seeks perfection each time she steps on the diving board. Last week Arceri won the Section XI crown with a record-setting score. But that was then and this is now. She has a new goal and that’s getting all of her attention; morning, noon and night.

“Last Friday, Tricia walked onto the deck for the county diving championships knowing she was already headed to the state championships [after earlier meeting the qualifying standard],” said Meg McConnell, who coaches Huntington’s divers and serves as assistant to Blue Devil head coach Christopher Helmke. “She completed an undefeated dual meet season, won the Sachem diving invitational as well as handily winning the six dive event at the League I championships. With an inspiring quote in her bag and a solid 11 dive list ready to go, it was time to get the county championships win.”

Huntington's Tricia Arceri is headed
to the state championships. (Darin Reed photo)

Arceri’s first dive last Friday, a required back dive that’s a favorite was nearly flawless, garnering the teenager four 10s out of a possible five. “As the preliminary round continued she remained in the lead solidly hitting all her dives, even her least favorite reverse 1½ somersault,” McConnell said.

As the semifinal round began, Arceri started with another favorite required dive, her inward and she scored 10s across the board. Two dives later the semifinal round concluded with the Huntington star still leading the exceptional field.

“To start the final round, Tricia chose her forward 2½ somersault, her hardest dive,” McConnell said. “With an imperfect take off it didn’t come out great, but luckily the higher degree of difficulty helped offset the lower scores of the judges.”

Arceri continued holding the lead through nine dives, but on her tenth, which also earned all 10s, she dropped into second place due to the lower degree of difficulty it was assessed.

The meet concluded with Arceri performing another favorite dive that carried a higher degree of difficulty. The inward 1½ impressed the judges, who awarded the teenager 9.5s and 10s, sealing her first Suffolk championship and helping the Huntington great set a new county scoring record.

“One meet, two goals achieved,” McConnell said. “Now we are focusing on the last competition, the state championship.”