STEM School Elects Student Council Officers

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School student council candidates.

November 17, 2016

It was a perfectly timed lesson in democracy and the power of an individual voter. Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School students recently elected their leaders following a spirited campaign.

This year’s student council kicked-off in September when each class in the building elected two representatives. Campaigning began the week of October 12 for the executive offices of president, vice president and secretary. The positions were open to any sixth grader and 20 students stepped forward to vie in the voting.

So many students decided to enter the fray that school officials are already turning their attention to what that means for the future. “We are thinking that next year we might need a primary election,” said teacher Susan Danzig, who serves as the student council’s faculty advisor.

Candidates penned and edited speeches before giving them at a school wide assembly in early November. “The student government decided that it would be a great idea to run our election simultaneously with the presidential election,” Ms. Danzig said. “In their speeches, the students focused on realistic goals that would help improve our school.”

The candidates included:

President: Liam Tucker, Alanna Kohut, Riley Ackerman, Sana Amin, C.J. Posillico, Aislyn Franciscovich, Nick Barretta, Dylan, Brinn, Saniya Sainvilus, Sammy Mollineaux, Matthew Gerardi

Vice President: Catherine Bree, Vincent Grassi, Conor Boyle, Kathryn Campion
Secretary: Katerina Damiano, Nadeera Ali, Dominick Vidota, Timothy Kusterbeck, Nitiera McGee

Elections took place in the classrooms on Monday, November 7. “I was nervous running an election with all the negativity out there in our presidential election,” Ms. Danzig said. “These kids were wonderful. They ran a wonderful, respectful and supportive campaign.”

Balloting resulted in extremely close outcomes for each position with Ms. Amin winning the presidency, Ms. Bree capturing the vice president’s post and Mr. Kusterbeck being elected secretary.

“Sue Danzig did a wonderful job with the students, modeling the election process,” Principal Donna Moro said.

Winning candidates Sana Amin, Cat Bree and Tim Kusterbeck.
STEM School students recently elected their leaders.