Miranda Nykolyn Continues Pursuit of Research Goals

Huntington senior Miranda Nykolyn.

November 21, 2016

Miranda Nykolyn is keeping her foot on the proverbial gas pedal. The Huntington High School senior isn’t letting up in the pursuit of her goals, including her longtime interests in the science research program.

The teenager is off to a wonderful start to her final year of high school following a summer stint with the Hutton junior fisheries biology program, a paid internship and mentoring initiative sponsored by the American Fisheries Society.

Ms. Nykolyn was among 36 students nationwide selected for the program. Known as Hutton Scholars, members of the group were matched and mentored by fisheries professionals as they enjoyed hands-on experience in marine and/or freshwater settings.

Ms. Nykolyn and her fellow Hutton Scholars who successfully completed the program received $4,000 scholarships. The program’s stated mission is to increase diversity with the fisheries profession.

Miranda Nykolyn participated
in the Hutton junior fisheries biology program.

The Huntington senior was engaged in the program from June 14 through the end of August, working weekdays from 11a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The Hutton Scholars program was a great experience that connected me with researchers in the marine sciences.” Ms. Nykolyn said. “I was able to gain a variety of laboratory and field skills working with mentors at Stony Brook University.”

The teenager worked with Dr. Janet Nye of Stony Brook’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and doctoral student Adelle Molina. The duo mentored Ms. Nykoloyn as she worked on a project topic that is her main focus in Huntington’s science research program.

“My project this year focuses on C. Sapidus or blue crabs,” Ms. Nykolyn said. “We looked at the effect of rapid temperature change on their oxygen consumption.”

The senior has submitted her work to Regeneron Science Talent Search, the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium sponsored by the research arm of the US Department of Defense and administered by colleges and universities and the Long Island Science & Engineering Fair.

(Huntington junior Nolan Piccola, an intern in the high school science research program, contributed to this story.)