Flower Hill Rallies for Hungry Families

Flower Hill students with items collected during the food drive.

November 21, 2016

The Flower Hill Primary School community is always ready for a challenge. When a need is made known, expect students, parents and staff members to step-up and do everything they can to make the world a better place.

Collecting food for local hungry families isn’t glamorous stuff, but’s it is nevertheless crucially important. So when the call went out for a Thanksgiving food collection, Flower Hill rallied to a good cause.

Flower Hill’s fourth grade leadership team members played a key role in the collection drive. The youngsters creatively decorated boxes that were distributed to classrooms throughout the building and used as receptacles for the non-perishable items that soon came pouring through the front doors.

Helping Hand Rescue Mission
is located on Broadway.

The fourth graders visited classrooms on every grade level, speaking about the importance of helping others and the general concept of community service. When all was said and done, 20 boxes filled with hundreds of food items had been collected.

“All of the items collected were donated to Helping Hand Rescue Mission in Huntington Station,” Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small said. “Thanksgiving baskets will be assembled and distributed to families in need throughout our community. Everyone’s support and generosity with this project will help make the Thanksgiving holiday so much nicer for many families.”

The Helping Hand Rescue Mission was founded in 1965 by Rev. Rose Marie Gaines, her husband and her mother. According to the organization’s website, “After witnessing local poverty conditions first hand, they invested everything they had with the view that if they could help even one person it was worth the investment.”  

The Mission supplies food, clothing and furniture to needy families, as well as visiting elderly residents and delivering goods to the homes of those unable to come to the group’s headquarters. 

The Mission’s main priority is to reach children suffering under impoverished conditions, providing disadvantaged children with educational and character building instruction, school supplies and love.

For more information about the Helping Hand Rescue Mission go to its website at .

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