Huntington Business Students Get Nuggets of Advice

Post University's Jordyn Woltmann spoke with Huntington business students.

November 22, 2016

Students enrolled in four different business courses at Huntington High School gathered last week for a presentation by Post University academic advisor Jordyn Woltmann on budgeting and financing higher education.

“Making good financial decisions in today’s economy is imperative for young people and having a professional share their knowledge of how one can make their money stretch much farther, both during and after graduation was priceless,” Huntington business teacher Suzie Biagi said.

Located in Waterbury, Connecticut, Post University is a private, for private school, which traces its roots to 1890. Ms. Woltmann explained that Post is a “test optional” school and offers completely hands-on interactive programming in every concentration.

“Some of Jordyn’s suggestions included requesting to see the financial advisor on your first tour of a college that you may apply to,” Mrs. Biagi said. “She shared her knowledge about the differences between grants, scholarships and loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized. She stated that the financial aid (FAFSA) application is now available October 1, so get started on it and that work study supervisors understand your first commitment is to your studies and they will work with you to be the best student you can be and help you arrange your schedule accordingly.”

The Huntington teenagers were asked to consider becoming college residential advisors following their sophomore year. Ms. Woltmann said such a position can result in saving $10,000 in housing and meal costs each year.

“There’s tons and tons of free money out there and you can often find a scholarship just for you; like being left-handed or a twin enrolled in a legal program, all you need to do is apply,” Ms. Woltmann said. “If you like free stuff, join clubs. They feed their members. Go to events. There are often giveaways ranging from pens, key chains and pencils to t-shirts and trial size product samples.”

The Huntington business students were also provided with other nuggets of advice. “Find a meal plan that fits you,” Ms. Woltmann said. “Aim for the honors programs, they’ll make your resume stand out when you start job searching. Get involved on campus, it helps you learn how to balance your time and will also enhance that resume. It may even help you figure out your niche.”

The teenagers walked away from the session with plenty to think about.

Huntington business students learned more about budgets and financial aid.
The business students were given information on budgeting.