Jefferson Recognizes November’s Citizens of the Month

Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide with Jefferson's Citizens of the Month.

November 30, 2016

It never seems to get old because kids love being recognized when they do a good job.

Jefferson Primary School Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide and the building’s faculty corps honored November’s Citizens of the Month for their exceptional effort and performance.

The honorees include Rhys Carrillo, Chloe Donovan, Anibella Fazin, Jordyn Gross, Esther Gershuny, Joselyn Gomez-Ordonez, Eric Heinz, Juliet Johnson, Evan Morgan, Escarlet Martinez Rodriguez, Raul Ortega-Salgado, Cindy Quintanilla, Heidi Quintero, Jayden Rubio, Sebastien Simon, Stephen Spina and Christopher Velasco Villalta.

Jefferson School's November Citizens
of the Month has been honored.

Recognition for demonstrating safe, responsible and respectful behavior brings a smile to the young faces in the building. Jefferson formally honors students each month with “spot” awards. When a Jefferson student exhibits a commendable behavior, teachers and staff members “spot” the youngster. A school-wide assembly is held each month to recognize the students who have been “spotted” the most.

Why a “spot” award? Well, the Jefferson School mascot is a jaguar, an animal known for its spotted appearance. Every Jefferson student is trying to get spotted so they can be an award winner, too.

The most recent honorees were assembled for a group photo with Ms. Capitulo-Saide while they were holding Citizen of the Month certificates. The smiles on the faces of the youngsters were a picture window on the obvious pride each of the award winners felt. There’s little doubt when they showed the certificate to their family members at home, that same warm feeling was felt by everyone.

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