KidOYO Comes to Huntington

Teachers Christine Lofaro and Susan Llanes in a Woodhull classroom.

October 11, 2016

KidOYO debuted at Woodhull Intermediate School last week as students created their own accounts, which will enable the youngsters to access “CODE Huntington” materials.

The Woodhull students will be using the Kid On Your Own platform to create coding script. J. Taylor Finley Middle School students recently used the same technology with librarian Alison Rooney to complete a coding activity there.

“KidOYO produces educational infrastructure in use by leading K-12 classrooms in order to deliver personalized project-based learning outcomes in the areas of computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship education,” according to the company website. “Additionally, KidOYO works with universities to expand opportunities for students and staff to build collaborative relationships with families, corporate employers, and administrators in K-12 schools and local communities and leverages these partnerships to produce live events of increasing importance to community participants.” 

Huntington teachers Susan Llanes and Christine Lofaro attended a computer science, engineering and entrepreneurship learning for students in grades K-12 training program at Stony Brook University last summer.

Training alongside computer science instructors enabled the Huntington teachers to quickly “turn-key” the KidOYO program with students at Woodhull and Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School.

“Students can access the KidOYO platform at home and school,” Mrs. Lofaro said. “Students were actively engaged and excited to learn the new language of CODE.”

Mrs. Llanes and Mrs. Lofaro will be working closely with KidOYO instructors to implement more of the program over the next few months. In October, KidOYO instructors will collaborate with teachers and students to help the youngsters create their own maze.

November will see the two veteran Huntington teachers join with KidOYO instructors to offer a parent coding night for students and parents. Details will be released soon.

National Coding Week will be observed in December. “Students will enjoy participating in coding challenges throughout the month,” Mrs. Lofaro said.

Teacher Christine Lofaro with students using KidOYO in the classroom.
Huntington students are increasingly using technology in the classroom.
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