Senior Lauren McGlone’s Magnificent Four Years

Huntington High School senior Lauren McGlone.

October 17, 2016

Lauren McGlone has enjoyed an endless array of experiences over the past four years, from developing close relationships with classmates to traveling internationally. The Huntington High School senior has been immersed many of things she cherishes the most and she’s enjoyed countless special times with her friends and teammates.

A member of the Italian and Art Honor Societies, Ms. McGlone is also a veteran starter on the Blue Devil varsity soccer team. She hopes to get more involved in community activities this year through volunteering.

“Lauren’s a hard worker with the best sense of humor,” said Emma Petrizzi, a soccer teammate and fellow senior. “She never fails to make me laugh. She’s also a really good sport.”

A thoroughly likeable young woman, Ms. McGlone gets along well with everyone, including Huntington High School’s faculty and support staff members.

“Ms. [Judy] Pazienza is one of my favorite teachers, not only because she is a great teacher, but also because she genuinely cares for students,” Ms. McGlone said. “No matter if I was in a good mood or a bad mood, Mrs. Paz’s seventh and eighth period physics class always made my day better.” 

Blue Devil soccer star
Lauren McGlone. (Mike Connell photo.)

The senior is spending the current year focusing on balancing school, work, sports and extracurricular activities. The teenager’s college plans are still taking shape. Ms. McGlone is considering James Madison University, University at Albany and SUNY Oneonta.

One of the highlights of the past four years came when Ms. McGlone participated in a private trip through Europe coordinated by EF Tours. The trek was led by the teenager’s ninth grade social studies teacher, Camille Tedeschi. “She taught me how to open my eyes and learn about other cultures,” the senior said. “I hope to travel with her again in the future.”

As her time at Huntington High School grows shorter, Ms. McGlone has been reflecting on what has made her experience in the building so special. She’s going to miss it, for sure, but she will graduate with so many memories that she hopes will never fade.

“I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better four years of high school,” Ms. McGlone said. “If I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn’t change anything. I love how the students get involved in the school spirit pep rallies, Relay For Life, and other events that our school has that others might not. It really shows what kind of school we are. I couldn’t have asked for a better one.” 

The senior has learned a lot during high school, both in and out of the classroom. “Advice I would give to incoming freshmen or current freshmen would be to enjoy your time here and don’t rush through high school,” Ms. McGlone said. “Have fun, but study and do your work because senior year comes faster than you think.” 

Lauren McGlone (right) at the Blue Mosque in Turkey.
Lauren McGlone in action for Huntington. (Mike Connell photo)
Tara Wilson and Lauren McGlone in Santorini, Greece.
Lauren McGlone (second from right) and her friends at a pre-prom party.


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