Magenta Lopez Brings a Smile to Huntington

Magenta Lopez and the Huntington Highsteppers. (Darin Reed photo.)

October 20, 2016

Magenta Lopez is one of the most energetic members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2017. The senior puts everything she has into each day and the results have been impressive.

“This year I hope to make every day count and to make the most of my last few months at Huntington with my friends,” Ms. Lopez said.

The senior is enrolled in Advanced Placement Calculus AB, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature and Composition, AP Government and Politics and Latin 5 Honors. It’s a challenging schedule, but Ms. Lopez is up to it.

“During my time in the high school I’ve been lucky to have had nothing but the best teachers,” Ms. Lopez said. “I’ve grown close to Mrs. [Kristin] Fortunato, who has been my Latin teacher for the past four years and who is the Latin Honor Society’s advisor. Mrs. Fortunato contagiously radiates enthusiasm in and out of the classroom and has propelled me to love the language and culture of Latin almost as much as she does.” 

Teachers Kenneth Donovan, Victoria Lombardi and Jamie Fishlow are also among Ms. Lopez’s favorite faculty members. “I’ve had the pleasure of having Mr. Donovan as my teacher for AP US History last year and AP Government this year and as an advisor to our Class of 2017,” the senior said. “I enjoy the insightful discussions he leads the class into, providing a more holistic learning experience. Mrs. Lombardi not only prepared us extremely well for the AP exam last year, but she also made her class very enjoyable. I’ve had Mr. Fishlow for physical education these past two years and he is one of the most enthusiastic and encouraging people I’ve met.” 

Plans to pursue college business studies

Huntington High School
senior Magenta Lopez.

Ms. Lopez is interested in studying business in college while also pursuing dance, either as a double major, minor or as an extracurricular activity depending on which university she ultimately chooses to attend. She’s currently finalizing the list of schools she plans to apply to in the coming weeks.

“Throughout all my years at Huntington I’ve put a lot of time and energy into clubs and activities that I am passionate about,” Ms. Lopez said. “On top of dancing outside of school every day at Variations Dance Studio, I am also involved in many clubs and activities, either as a member or as a leader.”

The long list of activities includes the Huntington Highsteppers competitive dance team (junior and senior captain), student government (recording secretary), Habitat for Humanity, Latin Club (historian), Spanish Honor Society (secretary), Blue Devil ping pong club (social media officer) and United Amigos (communications officer for tenth and eleventh grades).

“During my time on the Highstepping team, I’ve grown close to Mrs. Tyree,” Ms. Lopez said. “She has been an excellent leader and role model for myself and all of the team members. She brings infectious positivity and valuable guidance to our team. We have grown so much with her as our coach.”

Vice president of the National Honor Society, secretary of the Spanish Honor Society and historian of the Latin Honor Society, Ms. Lopez is also a member of the Math and Social Studies Honor Societies. She serves as president of the Honor Society for Dance Arts.

Ms. Lopez has also been involved with the Huntington Youth Council in each of the past two years. Led by Susan A. Berland, the senior is the organization’s clerk. “The group and I work towards creating positive changes in every school district in the town,” the teenager said.

Teenager loves to dance

As an avid dancer in and out of school, the Highsteppers have provided Ms. Lopez with an opportunity to do something she loves while also spending time with her friends. The team’s annual trip to Florida for the national championships is always a high point of any year. “We have a blast spending time with each other, dancing, and enjoying Universal Park,” she said.

Highlights of Ms. Lopez’s high school years also include Homecoming weekends, “because they are overflowing with school spirit, which is one of my favorite aspects of Huntington,” she said. “Being involved with both student government and the Highsteppers, Homecoming weekend is full of activities. Whether I am helping to build the float or performing at halftime, the weekends are never short of excitement.” 

Ms. Lopez brings a smile to the high school each day. She’s a popular young woman who seems to know just about everyone as she makes her way through the building’s hallways.

“I’ve had a great experience at Huntington High School,” Ms. Lopez said. “Every day I look forward to seeing my friends and teachers. Coming into freshman year as a new student from a private school, everyone at Huntington was extremely welcoming and my experience has been amazing. The school spirit, the diversity, the teachers and the students all contribute to making this school a very special and cheerful place.”

Kelsey Miller at Magenta Lopez.
Magenta Lopez (right) is always ready to have fun.
Magenta Lopez (center) with the Huntington Highsteppers. (Darin Reed photo.)
Magenta Lopez (left) with her friends.
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