Trustees Approve New Huntington High School Course

A new computer integrate manufacturing course is coming to Huntington Hgih School.

October 21, 2016

A new course is coming to Huntington High School. The Huntington School Board voted unanimously to add Computer Integrated Manufacturing to the long list of classes available to students.

The course was approved last May by Huntington’s Subject Matter Council and Educational Development Committee. Annual registration in the class is estimated at 20 students. Once it starts to run, the full year course will be available to students in grades 9-12. The class could begin as early as next year, pending availability of funding and enrollment.

“This class is designed to provide in-depth study in the field of robotics for our students,” according to the new course proposal provided to trustees. “This course will connect concepts and materials from many of our current classes into a deeper study of the applied technologies as part of the college and career readiness process. The class will provide students possessing engineering interests with a foundation in robotics. Many design, model-building, troubleshooting, electronics, VEX technology and physics based concepts will be developed during the course.”

A new computer integrate manufacturing course is coming to Huntington High School.

The cost of training and materials, including equipment is estimated to run about $31,000. The new course could possibly require an increase in staffing of 0.2 of a full time equivalent technology teaching position.

“The course is being proposed to provide a rigorous STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) class at the high school level,” states the rationale for class provided to trustees. “It will also help prepare our students for the many STEM related careers that are currently available and may be available in the future.”

Assistant Superintendent Kenneth C. Card, Jr. presented the course to trustees, who engaged in a discussion about the class before voting to approve it.

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