Fun & Games at Southdown School’s Math Night

Southdown Math Night was fun for everyone.

October 24, 2016

The Southdown Primary School community discovered that math really can be fun during an evening of activities for students and parents across every grade level.

Participants were organized according to three different levels: kindergarten, grades 1-2 and 3-4. Principal Scott Oshrin said dozens of folks turned out for the event, which focused on standards based activities.

The evening was organized by teacher Joanne Cicio, a district math coach who works at Southdown, Jefferson and Woodhull schools. Southdown teachers volunteered to devote an evening to working with the youngsters and their parents.

Students had all sorts of fun during the segment centering on measurement. “This content area focused on an understanding of the process of measurement and on the use of numbers and measures to describe and compare mathematical and real-world objects,” Mrs. Cicio said. “Students were asked to identify attributes, select appropriate units and tools, apply measurement concepts and communicate measurement-related ideas.”

The segment on “number sense” demanded concentration from the youngsters. “This area centered on students’ understanding of numbers, operations and estimation and their applications to real-world situations,” Mrs. Cicio said.

The session on geometry was challenging in a fun way. “This extended beyond low-level identification of geometric shapes and into transformations and combinations of those shapes,” Mrs. Cicio said. “It focused on informal constructions and demonstrations, along with their justifications.”

Mr. Oshrin was quite pleased with the turnout of students and their parents. Southdown has several more special nights planned during the 2016/17 school year.

“This was an evening filled with parent involvement and student engagement,” Mrs. Cicio said. “The home-school connection at Southdown is a critical part of our culture and community.  Southdown Family Math Night is an opportunity for all to be involved.”

Some of the teachers who volunteered at Southdown's Math Night.
Southdown students were a happy bunch at Math Night.
There were many smiles at Southdown Math Night.