Blue Devil Winter & Spring Coaches Appointed by Trustees

Huntington varsity baseball coach Billy Harris. (Darin Reed photo.)

October 24, 2016

The winter and spring coaching staffs for the Huntington High School and J. Taylor Finley Middle School athletic programs are now largely in place after Huntington School Board members approved dozens of appointments.

The winter season coaching staff includes Brian Carey (head coach, varsity boys’ basketball), Frank Mantesta (assistant varsity coach, boys’ basketball), Michael Kaplan (head coach, varsity girls’ basketball), Marissa Bergman (assistant varsity coach, girls’ basketball), Frederick Vasselman (head coach, JV girls’ basketball), Richard Agnello (head coach, Finley-7 boys’ basketball), Timothy Madden (head coach, Finley-8 boys’ basketball and Finley-8 girls’ basketball), Phil Lowe (head coach, Finley-7 girls’ basketball), Michelle O’Brien (head coach, varsity fencing), Margaret McConnell (head coach, varsity boys’ swimming and diving), Todd Donaghy (head coach, Finley boys’ volleyball) and Lauren Visbal (head coach, Finley girls’ volleyball).

The winter season staff also includes Ronald Wilson (head coach, varsity boys’ track and field), Eliasib Acosta (assistant varsity coach, boys’ track and field), Debra Cheskes (head coach, varsity girls’ track and field), Shawn Anderson (assistant varsity coach, girls’ track and field), Travis Smith (head coach, varsity wrestling), Peter Fusco (assistant varsity/JV coach, wrestling), Kieran Mock (assistant varsity/JV coach, wrestling), Michael Marinello (head coach, Finley wrestling) and Omar Santiago (assistant coach, Finley wrestling).

Spring Season Coaching Staff

The spring season coaching staff includes William Harris (head coach, varsity baseball), Paul Caleca (head coach, Finley baseball), Kevin Travis (head coach, varsity boys’ lacrosse), Julian Watts (assistant varsity coach, boys’ lacrosse), Eric Triolo (assistant varsity coach, boys’ lacrosse), Anthony Troffa (head coach, JV boys’ lacrosse), Timothy Witt (assistant coach, JV boys’ lacrosse), Matthew Bilello (head coach, Finley-Blue boys’ lacrosse), Travis Smith (assistant coach, Finley-Blue boys’ lacrosse), Vincent Tannazzo (head coach, Finley-White boys’ lacrosse) and Matthew Perlongo (assistant coach, Finley-White boys’ lacrosse).

Trustees also appointed Kimberly Gilroy (head coach, varsity girls’ lacrosse), Linda Costello-Roth (assistant varsity coach, girls’ lacrosse), Elizabeth Vogelsang (assistant varsity coach, girls’ lacrosse), Marissa Bergman (head coach, Finley-Blue girls’ lacrosse), Courtney Weber (head coach, Finley-White girls’ lacrosse), Michael Kaplan (assistant coach, Finley girls’ lacrosse), John Walsh (head coach, varsity softball), James Byrnes (assistant varsity coach, softball), Maria Canino (head coach, JV softball) and Nancy Conlon (head coach, Finley softball).

Rounding out the spring season coaching staff are Ronald Wilson (head coach, varsity boys’ track and field), Eliasib Acosta (assistant coach, varsity boys’ track and field), Timothy Madden (head coach, Finley boys’ track and field), Christopher Taylor (assistant coach, Finley boys’ track and field), Shawn Anderson (head coach, varsity girls’ track and field), Phil Lowe (head coach, Finley girls’ track and field), Carrie Postel (assistant coach, Finley girls’ track and field), Jamie Fishlow (head coach, varsity boys’ tennis), Robert Gilmor III (head coach, JV boys’ tennis) and Eric Mininni (head coach, Finley boys’ tennis.)

Coach Brian Carey rallies his troops. (Darin Reed photo.)
Huntington assistant coach Kieran Mock yells instructions.