Huntington Senior Steve Yeh Plans Busy Year

Steve Yeh volunteered to teach English in Taiwan this past summer.

September 06, 2016

Steve Yeh wouldn’t think of taking his foot off the academic gas pedal. The Huntington High School senior is scheduled for a very challenging set of classes along with plenty of related intellectual pursuits. It’s a breathtaking lineup for someone of any age. He’s going to be a very busy teenager this year.

“I’m hoping to make the most of the last ten months I have here at Huntington High School,” Mr. Yeh said. His course lineup includes Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP Psychology, AP Studio Art 2D Design, Science Research and a credit bearing internship with math teacher Monica Racz in an Advanced Placement Calculus BC class.

“I will be a part of Mathletes, Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, a contributor to The Dispatch student newspaper, Natural Helpers and the Chinese foreign exchange club,” Mr. Yeh said. “I’m excited to start a new organization called the Stocks Analysis Club with faculty advisor Mrs. [Lynn] Hendricks. Interest meetings will be held. Discussions about different types of stock charts, indicators and impacts of global and company news will start and ultimately lead to simulated buys. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come.”

Huntington High School senior Steve Yeh.

President of the Math Honor Society and treasurer of the Spanish Honor Society, Mr. Yeh will also be a participating member of the National Honor Society along with the Science and History Honor Societies. He also plans to continue volunteering at the Huntington Public Library’s Huntington Station branch as a homework helper and tutor.

“My favorite teachers are Mrs. Racz (AP Calculus BC) and Mrs. Hendricks (AP Statistics),” Mr. Yeh said. “Both have simply taught me more math and how to think creatively as there is always more than one solution to a problem. After taking those classes, I believed that I would study mathematics at a university.”

Mr. Yeh’s faculty favorites include Mercedes Peña, Deborah Beck, Kenneth Donovan and Camille Tedeschi. “Señora Peña (AP Spanish) encouraged me to try my best in a class which was challenging, but worthwhile,” he said.

“AP Biology was a class with a heavy workload, but Mrs. Beck made it very interesting to learn all of the concepts; everything from evolution to DNA replication,” Mr. Yeh said. “Mr. Donovan (AP US History) challenged me to think with different perspectives on issues concerning the time of the historical event and how everything is always more complex than it seems. Ms. Tedeschi made AP World History really fun learning about the aspects of different cultures and civilizations throughout history.”

While he hasn’t finalized his college plans yet, Mr. Yeh is contemplating studying theoretical or general mathematics and perhaps physics and/or astronomy. 

The teenager has enjoyed his run through Huntington High School up to this point. “It has been nothing short of the most memorable and influential three years of my life, that is, thus far,” Mr. Yeh said.