Huntington Teacher & Student Form Traveling Bond

Camille Tedeschi and Kayla Ryan have traveled across the world together.

September 9, 2016

Kayla Ryan has caught the traveling bug. The Huntington High School senior loves exploring new places, sometimes on the other side of the world. The teenager’s mentor has encouraged her to log as many miles as possible and she’s doing just that.

Ms. Ryan and Huntington High School social studies teacher Camille Tedeschi have formed a strong bond with each other. They enjoy many of the same things, including traveling to destinations far and wide.

“Kayla has been my student since her freshman year,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “I taught her in Global 9 Honors, tenth grade Advanced Placement World History and the Women’s Studies elective in eleventh grade. She will serve as my career intern this year.”

Huntington senior Kayla Ryan.

The teacher-student duo has set-off together across the continents. “Kayla and I have traveled together to Peru, Costa Rica, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Tanzania,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “Luckily, we will add two more destinations to our list this year when she accompanies me to the Galapagos Islands and Ireland.”

Ms. Tedeschi has a long association with EF Tours, a private tour company specializing in educational trips for students and teachers. She also embarks on many personal journeys. In fact, she’s rarely home when classes aren’t in session.

“I am excited about the school year and to work closely with Kayla as my intern, but the year will be bittersweet knowing it will be our last together at Huntington,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “Since I have known Kayla I have adored her. It is interesting to say, but she is a mini-me. The girl is addicted to travel and seeing the world. She has a huge heart and enthusiasm that cannot be matched by most.”

The veteran educator earned an undergraduate degree at Pace University and graduate degrees from SUNY Stony Brook and CUNY Queens College. She has taught at the high school since September 2002.

Well-known for her passion for teaching and traveling, Ms. Tedeschi visited Tanzania, Cape Cod, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman this past summer.

Huntington social studies teacher Camille Tedeschi.

“Just like me, Kayla was globe trekking as well,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “She traveled with me to Tanzania and then embarked on a family adventure to Iceland, France and Italy. While exploring southern Italy she explored with my best friend who owns a travel company. When I asked him how the tour went he told me Kayla is a ‘mini-Camille.’ He had never encountered a person at her age with the drive and ambition to see the world.”

As the new school year gets underway in earnest, Ms. Tedeschi and Ms. Ryan and both pleased to be working together daily in the credit bearing career internship program. The pair intend to make the most of each day with both knowing June 2017 and graduation will come quickly.

“I look forward to seeing all of her continued success and hearing about all of her future adventures,” Ms. Tedeschi said. 

Social studies teacher Camille Tedeschi and senior Kayla Ryan.
Huntington senior Kayla Ryan is a world traveler.
Huntington teacher Camille Tedeschi and senior Kayla Ryan.