Huntington Makes Ally Arleo Really Happy

Prom Prince and Princess Charlie Ehrman and Ally Arleo.

September 12, 2016

Ally Arleo makes her way around Huntington High School with a smile on her face. The senior is a happy teenager and it shows.

Ms. Arleo is involved in a long list of activities that make her an essential member of the Class of 2017. She’s participating in a credit bearing internship with business teacher Paige Tyree and is enrolled in a full slate of courses, including physics, economics, financial algebra, participation in government, theatre arts and chamber choir.

Huntington High School senior Ally Arleo.

“Overall, I feel really good about my experience here at Huntington,” Ms. Arleo said. “The people I’ve met and gotten closer to have really impacted me. Huntington makes me really happy. I look at my time here positively.”

Co-president of Natural Helpers, president of the Huntington YMCA’s leader’s club, treasurer of the choir board and vice-president of the high school’s Class of 2017, Ms. Arleo stays very busy. She also hopes to get involved with AWOD (the A World of Difference club) and Habitat for Humanity. She’s the manager of the Highsteppers competitive dance team, too.

The YMCA is an organization near and dear to the senior’s heart. She plans to attend YMCA retreats throughout the year with other branches of the organization from five states.

If ever there was a “people person” it’s Ms. Arleo. Her outgoing and friendly personality has helped make her a popular teenager. Teachers have taken a liking to her and she’s developed close relationships with many faculty members.

Some of Ms. Arleo’s personal teacher favorites and those she has been closest to include Ms. Tyree, Michael Schwendemann, Lauren Brunoni, Stacey Brynes and Robert Gilmor III. “Ms. Tyree is actually the reason I want to go into business,” the senior said. “She’s like my role model. Mrs. Byrnes and ‘Gil’ have always been by my side whenever I need anything. Schwend is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever had and I am so thankful to have him. Once I met Mrs. Brunoni we clicked instantly. She is the Class of 2017 advisor and seeing her makes my day.”

“I’ve had Ally every year since ninth grade,” Ms. Tyree said. “She stood out from the very first day I met her as an enthusiastic, engaged and mature student. She has a magnetic personality, which often motivates other students in class and is one of the reasons she’s so well respected by faculty and peers alike. As she continued taking classes with me, it became clear that Ally has a natural understanding of the business world. She plans to pursue a major in business in college and I can’t wait to see where the future takes her.”

The teenager hasn’t finalized her college plans yet. Ms. Arleo intends to study business management and marketing and minor in communications. She’d like to find a school that offers a strong leadership program. “I am visiting SUNY Cortland, Penn State, Ohio State and Marist in the next few months,” she said. “I am hoping to find a college that feels like Huntington.”

Her bubbly personality is hard to suppress. You always know when Ms. Arleo is in the room. “Some of my highlights at Huntington would have to be being in the stands for all the sports games, Natural Helpers, the students and staff, the dual language program, chamber choir and just being surrounded by everyone at high school events.”

A member of the Tri-M music honor society, Ms. Arleo is in her third year of singing a capella with her Huntington classmates.

As the new school year gets underway in earnest, Ms. Arleo’s smile is brightening the day of everyone she comes in contact with. She wants to earn good grades and savor every moment of her final year of high school. She especially wants to have fun and close out her four year run on a high note.

Ally Arleo (back right) with Ilene Messina and Eli Mollineaux.
Ally Arleo (front) with the Highsteppers at the nationals in Orlando, FL.
Ally Arleo (right) has enormous school spirit.
Ally Arleo (second from left) on her way to the prom with her friends.