Searching for Scholarship Dollars

Huntington High School students are encouraged to search for scholarship monies.

September 14, 2016

Who doesn’t want scholarship money for college? Kitty Klein is encouraging Huntington High School parents to do everything they can to make a play for available funding. The district’s director of guidance and testing, K-12 is reminding folks of some easy to use online resources.

“The Family Connection/Naviance program is an online interactive platform that allows students to conduct career and college searches, as well as match vocational interests with college majors,” Ms. Klein said. “Of course, students should also be developing the activity resume, which can then be downloaded and printed for employment.”

Online habits should include the hunt for college funding sources. “The guidance department strongly encourages students to log onto the program daily, especially for seniors, since daily updates regarding scholarship opportunities are posted,” Ms. Klein said.   

Why should Huntington High School parents try to secure whatever they can to help pay for the college education of their children? “Millions of dollars in scholarship monies are unused each year simply because students don’t apply,” Ms. Klein said. “It is my hope that Huntington students take advantage of the financial resources available to them, which will certainly aid in their post-secondary plans.”


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