H-ton Senior Jacob Strieb is Impossible to Hold Back

Huntington Robotics team captain Jacob Strieb at last spring's awards dinner.

September 23, 2016

While he serves as captain of the robotics team, Jacob Strieb has so many interests and is involved in such a variety of activities that he can’t be narrowly defined. The teenager is one of the leading members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2017 and he’s a hand in just about everything.

When he puts his mind to something, Mr. Strieb is impossible to hold back. He’s a force to be reckoned with and his drive and determination are hard to match. Few students have such wide ranging interests and not many can equal his performance across the board.

“I’ll be heavily involved in robotics this year,” Mr. Strieb said. “Many of the team’s members and I, along with our faculty advisor Mr. [Brian] Reynolds, have spent varying amounts of time in the new shop this summer getting things set-up and preparing for the upcoming robotic season. We’re looking to make materials in Spanish to help bilingual students get involved as well as expand our community service efforts while still building a robot. I have high hopes it will be a very positive and productive year for us.”

Mr. Strieb will be pursuing an ambitious set of goals this year. “I hope to succeed academically and finish off my high school career strong,” the senior said. “I also want to do everything I can to find and be accepted into the college that is the best fit for me. More importantly, though, I want to spend a lot of time this year doing everything I can to make a lasting impact on Huntington High School. I’ve taken steps to do so by creating opportunities via robotics and the ping pong club, but I want to continue to seek ways to make an impact that will benefit others after I’ve left.”

Mr. Strieb is enrolled in many challenging classes, including Advanced Placement Government and Politics, AP Microeconomics, Science Research, AP Physics 1, AP Calculus BC and AP English Literature and Composition.

Enjoyed many “great teachers and classes”

Huntington senior Jacob Strieb.

“Having been in Huntington since kindergarten, I have had a lot of great teachers and classes,” Mr. Strieb said. “At present two of my favorite classes have been AP Biology with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck and Pre-calculus BC with Mrs. [Patricia] Avelli,”Mr. Strieb said. “Particularly in those classes I felt that I was challenged and my desire to learn was stimulated and as a result I feel I learned the material out of genuine interest, rather than simply for the sake of doing so.”

Named a National Merit scholarship program semifinalist, Mr. Strieb is an intellectual powerhouse. The well-spoken young man has forged sturdy relationships with his teachers over the years and is well-liked by his classmates.

“I have gotten quite close with Mr. Reynolds, a technology teacher and the robotics club faculty advisor,” Mr. Strieb said. “I’ve spent a lot of time with him over the years due to the intensity of the robotics build seasons, but outside of the context of school, I think he is just a genuinely good person and a role model and I hope that other students can learn from him the way I have. I feel similarly about Mr. [Robert] Gilmor, who I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with through tennis and Natural Helpers.”

Elected treasurer of Natural Helpers, Mr. Strieb has been working closely with his fellow executive board members and Mr. Gilmor, the group’s faculty advisor to get organization off to a strong start this year.

Interests are varied as can be

The teenager’s interests are as varied as can be. “I’m still a major part of the unofficial ping pong club with my friends and this year we hope to play a lot more frequently than we did at times last year,” Mr. Strieb said.

A member of the Math and Spanish Honor Societies, Mr. Strieb plans to be on Huntington’s Quiz Bowl team again this year. He intends to play on the Blue Devil varsity tennis team in the spring, too.

“My entire educational experience thus far has also been greatly affected by my third grade teacher, Mrs. [Luz] Marotta,” Mr. Strieb said. “As strange as it might seem, a lot of what I learned in her class has stuck with me until now and I think a lot of my experiences as a third grader have affected how I’ve ended up as a high schooler.”

Huntington Robotics will account for the bulk of Mr. Strieb’s time outside of the classroom this year. He’s the team captain and one of the program’s driving forces.

“One major highlight from my time at Huntington has been watching the robotics team grow from a couple of kids in a storage room to a force of change in the school and community, a highly successful business organization and a victorious international competitor,” Mr. Strieb said. “I have also really enjoyed my opportunities to present research done outside of school at Cold Spring Harbor Labs and at science fairs and research competitions via the school’s science research programs. I’ve also had really gratifying experiences playing tennis at various levels on the school teams from Finley through varsity level. I also really enjoyed my time spent in the various stages of the dual-language program and am proud to say that I was successful in AP Spanish and actively apply what I have learned to this day.”

A very positive experience

Jacob Strieb at the
LI Science & Engineering Fair

While he’s a very busy young man, Mr. Strieb frequently reflects upon the next step in his life and where it will take him. Potential colleges and careers are never far from his mind.

“I don’t know what I want to study in college yet, though I’ve narrowed it down to math, science or engineering,” Mr. Strieb said. “I want to go somewhere with a lot of flexibility related to engineering, more specifically such that I could be a non-engineer, but still take a lot of engineering courses. I’m also looking at a wide range of schools including SUNYs, Ivies, other state schools and research institutions.”

As next June’s commencement grows closer each day, Mr. Strieb knows his time as a high school senior grows shorter hour by hour. He hopes to make the most of his final year and graduate with a smile on his face.

“In general, I feel that I have had a very positive experience at Huntington High School,” Mr. Strieb said. “I appreciate the exposure to a wide variety of diverse cultures and socioeconomic classes and I feel that I have had a lot of opportunities as a result of going to Huntington that might not be available elsewhere. Part of what makes Huntington High School so special to me is the sense of community that you don’t necessarily get elsewhere and I want to do everything I can to bolster that same sense of community for others.”


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