Homecoming Day on Saturday at Huntington High School

Saturday's Homecoming Day parade will step-off at 11:30 a.m. (Darin Reed photo.)

September 27, 2016

Several generations of alumni are expected to participate in Huntington High School’s Homecoming Day festivities on Saturday. It will culminate a week full of activities for nearly 1,500 students.

The day will feature a late morning parade through the heart of the village followed by an afternoon football game against highflying Centereach. Halftime activities will include performances by the Blue Devil marching band and the Highsteppers, the high school’s competitive dance team along with the crowning of the Homecoming Day king and queen and an announcement of the winning class float entry.

Homecoming is a production of the high school student government, which is led by faculty advisors Fred Bisogno and Anthony Troffa along with individual class advisors.

“This year’s student government members have done an outstanding job planning all of the homecoming festivities,” Mr. Troffa said. “It began in June of last school year and they are still putting things together for this weekend. They are a hardworking bunch and Mr. Bisogno and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Dan Mollitor and Alexandra Berwick were last year's
Homecoming king and queen. (Darin Reed photo.)

A decades-long tradition will continue as the 11:30 a.m. parade will include four colorful class floats, the Blue Devil marching band, cars ferrying members of the Royal Court, trucks and tractors filled with hundreds of students and untold numbers of marchers on every grade level.

Parade participants will include Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack, Superintendent James W. Polansky, members of the Huntington School Board and the district’s administrative corps, PTA members and teachers from across the district. The class floats will later be put on display adjacent to the football field following the parade.

Shuttle Bus Available for Parade Participants

Those participating in Saturday’s parade can utilize a shuttle bus, which will running back and forth between Huntington High School and the Gerard Street parking lot which is the step-off point. The bus will run from 10:30 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m. to ferry parade participants to and from their cars.

About 500 students are expected in the high school gym for Thursday night’s dance. The Friday afternoon pep rally in Louis D. Giani Gymnasium is being eagerly anticipated. Coaches will introduce their teams, the Highsteppers and Ready Step dance teams will perform and the Blue Devil marching band will entertain students and faculty members.

“We are hoping for a great turnout for our homecoming festivities this week and weekend,” Mr. Cusack said. “Our dance will feature surprise guest DJ performances and float night always draws a big crowd. It’s a great time for the whole Huntington community to come home and celebrate together. Each year, homecoming gives us yet another reason to be proud Blue Devils!”

Homecoming Theme is Decades

Jefferson School students in last year's parade.
(Darin Reed photo.)

Friday night will be busy as students spend time putting the finishing touches on their class floats from 6-11 p.m. Following their afternoon practice, varsity and JV football players will attend a traditional team dinner organized by parents in the school cafeteria.

No tickets are required for Saturday’s 2 p.m. football game. Admission is free. The Huntington Booster Club will be on hand selling food, refreshments and an assortment of Blue Devil apparel items throughout the game.

“This should be yet another outstanding Homecoming weekend; a chance to celebrate the ongoing accomplishments of our students and the opportunity to connect with alumni and old friends,” Mr. Polansky said. “We encourage students and families from all district schools to take part in Saturday’s parade and to attend the spirited football game to follow!”

Last year’s Homecoming Day game and halftime entertainment drew an estimated crowd of about 2,000. Seniors Dan Mollitor and Alexandra Berwick were crowned Homecoming Day king and queen, respectively. If there is good weather, a similar throng is expected this weekend at Huntington High School. Mr. Mollitor is returning from Binghamton University along with many of his fellow Class of 2016 members and attend Saturday’s festivities.

Organizers are hoping for all-inclusive parade participation with students and parents from all eight buildings and that families from across the district will stay to watch the football game. Following the contest, alumni are expected to head to local restaurants and pubs throughout the village for indievidual and group reunions and get-togethers.

Student Government Officers are Busy

Huntington field hockey players at
last year's parade. (Darin Reed photo.)

Student government officers will be busy this week handling final preparations for the weekend’s festivities and encouraging participation in the daily “spirit” activities.

The school-wide GO is led by Sam Prinzi (president), Emma Pipolo (vice president), Keegan Dunne (treasurer), Jack Glicker (corresponding secretary), Theresa Moreno (recording secretary), Abby Bellistri (historian) and administrative assistant William Bonilla.

The Class of 2017 is headed by seniors Kelsey Miller (president), Allyson Arleo (vice president), Nicholas Newell (treasurer), Kiera Striano (corresponding secretary), Magenta Lopez (recording secretary), James Shea (historian) and administrative assistant Cordelia Blair.

The Class of 2018 is led by juniors Lindsay Saginaw (president), Levi Leach (vice president), Joel Alfaro (treasurer), Niamh Condon (corresponding secretary), Will Hebert (recording secretary) and Charlotte Brosoff (historian) and administrative assistants Timothy Low, Katie Seccafico, Isabella Piccola, Max Robins and Melissa Lopez.

The Class of 2019 is headed by sophomores Teddy Holly (president), Caroline Lenze (vice president), Kaitlyn Sage (treasurer), Katie Burton (corresponding secretary), Henry Cartwright (recording secretary) and Ashlyn Case (historian).

The Class of 2020 is led by freshmen Chris Mavrogian (president), Gabriel Medina-Jaudes (vice president), Natalie Ciccone (treasurer), Lucas Kelly (corresponding secretary), Natalie Furman (recording secretary) and Zubair Ali (historian).

“Homecoming is going really well,” said Ms. Arleo, vice president of the Class of 2016. “Sam Prinzi just sent us the finishing picture of the float built and it looks amazing. It’s sad to keep counting down the days until I’ll be done with my last homecoming at Huntington. It’s very bittersweet knowing I’ll never have to fold another flower again, but the memories will always be here. Kelsey [Miller] and I have been friends forever and having her by my side as the president takes a lot of stress off both of us knowing that we will have each other’s back. I can’t wait to see all of the other grades’ floats and just to be all together on Saturday!”

With good weather expected for Saturday’s festivities, everything appears to be in place for another memorable day in Huntington.

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