Baseball infield

Huntington High School Baseball Infield Reconstructed

LandTek workers getting sod into position.

November 9, 2017

The Huntington High School baseball infield is arguably now the finest on Long Island after undergoing a two-week reconstruction by LandTek, which installed the Blue Devil Stadium turf field and synthetic track in 2006.

The recent project was overseen for the district by George Austin, Huntington’s operations manager. “The field was badly in need of renovation,” he said. “This project corrected various issues. It looks beautiful now.”

The project cost $47,120, which was funded through the district’s annual budget. Huntington players and coaches can’t wait to start using the new field next spring.

“Some great work has been done and the field is in the best shape it has been for quite a while,” Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “It should generate some serious excitement in anticipation of a great spring season.”

The scope of LandTek’s work included:

• Survey field to assure correct dimensions.
• Rototill infield to a depth of six inches.
• Remove grass 12 feet outside of a 95 foot radius.
• Remove grass 12 feet on both sidelines.
• Stockpile infield mix.
• Supply and install topsoil on infield to provide correct pitch away from pitcher’s mound.
• Supply and install clay infield mix.
• Rebuild pitcher’s mound to correct dimensions.
• Fine grade entire field.
• Supply and install Kentucky bluegrass sod.
• Roll sod to ensure good soil contact.
• Supply and install new bases, home plate and pitching rubber.

The district repositioned some sprinklers lines and heads during the work. About 100 tons of infield topsoil and clay that had built up over the years was removed during the project.

The existing baseball field was laid out in 1959. The recent project marks perhaps the largest renovation the site has ever seen. Officials are discussing possible additional work involving the dugouts and bleachers in an effort to make the field more fan friendly.

LandTek was founded in 1979. It bills itself as an “on-site specialized self-performing general contractor in the mid-Atlantic area that focuses on our core competences in sports facility design and construction.”

new high school pitcher's mound
A new high school pitcher's mound was part of the project.
Heavy machinery was used to complete the project (1)
Heavy machinery was used to complete the project.
Kentucky bluegrass sod
Kentucky bluegrass sod has been installed in the infield.
100 tons of built up topsoil and clay.
LandTek removed about 100 tons of built up topsoil and clay.