Jack Abrams School science projects

JAS Bridge Class Participates in STEM Diversity Summit

Jack Abrams School bridge program students at the STEM Diversity Summit.

April 03, 2017

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School students participating in the district’s bridge program recently trekked to Farmingdale State College with teacher Michelle Melara for this year’s STEM Diversity Summit.  

The bridge program students are all relatively recent immigrants to the United States. They are making steady progress in their studies here in Huntington. The youngsters were excited to attend the session at Farmingdale and demonstrate all the skills and knowledge they have acquired in a relatively short period of time.

“Students from all across Long Island participate in the event,” said Donna Moro, the principal of Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School. “Participants present a science research project to judges and fellow classmates during the summit. What is truly remarkable about our students participating is they are new entrants to the country; here less than two years. Therefore, not only did they face the challenge of developing their very first science project and attending their very first science fair, but also taking on the challenge of conveying their project and findings in English, a language they are still learning.”

The bridge program participants were masterful on the college campus. “These hard working students did a beautiful job representing our school and district and we are very proud of their accomplishments,” Ms. Moro said.

Held in Roosevelt Hall on the Farmingdale campus, organizers of the summit said “the urgency to continue to act together to strengthen economic and workforce development through education and industry is imperative.”

The recent summit brought together leaders from business, education, government and non-profit organizations “to understand recent developments, learn from others at the state and national level, and engage in shaping solutions relevant to our region,” according to organizers.

Jack Abrams School science projects
Jack Abrams School science projects on display at Farmingdale State College.
Farmingdale State
Jack Abrams School students recently traveled to Farmingdale State College.
Jack Abrams School science projects
Jack Abrams School students with their science projects.