Splash Award recipients

Southdown Assembly Mixes Important Lesson with Fun

Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin with Splash Award recipients.

April 4, 2017

Fun and games were mixed with an important lesson and an awards presentation at last week’s Southdown Primary School “splash” assembly.

Southdown is the home of the dolphins, the school’s mascot. Students are awarded “splashes” for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and out and about the building, including being kind to others, demonstrating proper behavior in hallways and even boosting the spirits of someone feeling a little down.

One Southdown student is selected from each class in the building for formal recognition at the monthly “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its stars of the month.

February’s honorees included:

Kindergarten: Andy Lopez, Sarah Torres, Ashley Turcios, Annabel Stein
First grade: Genesis Banegas, Edwin Caballero-Reyes, Mackenzie McKay, Ayla Schulman-Hughes, Johan Escobar-Reyes
Second grade: Anya Goleski, Jonathan Contreras, Joshua Rodriquez, Darcy Verville
Third grade: Olivia Kaufman, Grace Oliva, Kiley Barch
Fourth grade: Richard Davis, Brianna Borenstein, Jose Chavez

March’s honorees included:

Kindergarten: Norah Golden, Jacqueline Guardado, Ashley Castillo, Charlie Mendreski
First grade: James Hartough, Sofia Jimenez-Contreras, Jeremiah Dasque, Gabriella Jones, Jaime Uvena
Second grade: Lindsey Araujo-Hernandez, Anthony Guillen, Allizon Lopez Barahona, Wesley Bueso
Third grade: Carlos Lazo Cuchels, Tristan Jackson, Alondra Ruiz
Fourth grade: Saniyah Scrivens, Taishawn Olton, Benjamin Martinez

Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin gathered the award winners together for a commemorative photo. It’s sure to be cherished by the families of the honorees. “We are very proud of these fine boys and girls,” Mr. Oshrin said. “We’re looking forward to finishing up the 2016/17 school year with three great months."

The focus of last week’s assembly program was good behavior during indoor recess periods. Teaching students how to act responsibly, safely and in a positive and well-intentioned manner toward one another is serious stuff at Southdown.

bottle flipping contest.
Principal Scott Oshrin and teachers compete in a bottle flipping contest.

There was also some time set aside for a fun bottle flipping contest. Physical education teachers Lynn Hefele and Adam Sherrard worked with students on their skills during recess periods to get them ready. One preliminary round winner per class was selected to compete on the Southdown stage during the recent assembly.

The bottle flipping contest winners included:

Kindergarten: Niely Alvarez, Kenny Canas, Joselyn Ardon Reyes, Mackensie Conklin
First grade: Gabby Jones, Jose Gonzalez, Zachary Cheri, Sophia Jimenez-Contreras, Justin Reyes Campos
Second grade: Elana Guido Coreas, Anthony Guillen Flores, Josue Villatoro Bonilla, Lindsey Araujo Hernandez
Third grade: Rudis Villatoro Benitez, Alex Ordonez Flores, Josue Campos Torres
Fourth grade: Andrew Case, Lauren Donaghy, Christopher Yanes Avila

Niely Alvaraz, Sophia Jimenez-Contreras, Anthony Guillen Flores, Alex Ordonez Flores and Christopher Yanes Avila advanced the finals of the bottle flipping contest. When all was said and done, Mr. Avila and was crowned Southdown’s champion.

Mr. Oshrin decided to get into act by throwing down a challenge to teachers Melany Renick, Pamela Schwarting, Meghan Kenny and Cristina Roughley.

After the principal prevailed, he was a gracious victor. Meanwhile, the students filling the gymnasium loved every minute of it.

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