Science Fair honorees

Flower Hill Students Embrace Science

Flower Hill School's Science Fair honorees are proud of their projects.

April 24, 2017

Flower Hill Primary School students are known to rise to every academic challenge. When fourth graders were asked to develop science projects the youngsters responded with creativity and even flair.

The self-directed project experience incorporates reading, writing, spelling, math, critical thinking, graphic arts and scientific methodology. Teachers are available to serve as mentors whenever the need arises.

Every fourth grader conducted an at-home experiment. The planning and development of a testable question was guided by classroom teachers. Students produced a display board for their project utilizing a format established by Brookhaven National Laboratory, which sponsors an elementary science fair on their sprawling campus in Upton.

Science Fair honorees
Flower Hill School's Science Fair honorees are proud of their projects.

Flower Hill students brought their display boards to school and presented their experiments to classmates and to Jill Johanson, the Huntington School District’s chairperson of elementary grade level STEM. Parents were invited to the school throughout the week to listen to the presentations, too.

The projects were put on display in the school gym one evening and hundreds of parents and students turned out to look them over. “It was an enjoyable experience for all,” Principal Marlon Small said.

This year’s honorees include:

First Place
Chase Gadaire
Caitlin Maher Dubnau – Flower Hill’s overall champion who will advance to the county fair.
Ethan Naima
Second Place
Melanie Moreira
Ludo Cattano
Dominic Parides
Third Place
Melanie Carrillo
Jayden Schneider
Antonio Leotta