fourth grade Citizens of the Month

Jefferson School Still One of LI’s Finest

Jefferson's fourth grade Citizens of the Month for March.

April 26, 2017

Jefferson Primary School has been producing outstanding students since it first opened in September 1962. All these years later it remains one of the finest schools on Long Island.

Jefferson students have always loved their school. Alumni dating back decades retain fond memories of their time spent studying in classrooms there and playing on the school’s outdoor fields. The current youngsters who march through the front doors each day are no different than their predecessors.

The energetic students all try to outdo each other. It’s a friendly competition among friends that makes every activity fun for the youngsters, even their academic pursuits. Just like students everywhere, the boys and girls attending Jefferson also like to be recognized for a job well done.

first grade Citizens of the Month
Jefferson's first grade Citizens of the Month for March.

Jefferson honors students each month with Spot Awards. When a Jefferson student displays commendable behavior, teachers and staff members “spot” the youngster. An all-grades monthly assembly is held to recognize the students who have been “spotted” the most.

Why a Spot Award? That’s an easy question to answer. The Jefferson School mascot is a jaguar, an animal known for its spotted appearance. Every Jefferson student is trying to get spotted so they can be an award winner, too.

The most recent group of honorees includes Ashley Alay, Angie Alvarez, Gian Karlos Bracero, Jemiah Curtis, Madeline Eriksen, Tucker Fiore, Gavin Gershuny, Camila Guardado Jandres, Emma Gutierrez, Miranda Kincaid, Cesar Lovo Rodriguez, Elliot Manu, Lyric Martin, Evan Mittelman, Stephanie Orellana Yanes, Jose Reyes Benitez and Logan Tine.

The honorees were assembled for group photo while they were holding their Citizen of the Month certificates. The youngsters beamed as they joined Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide in the school gymnasium. It was obvious they were a very pleased bunch and anxious to tell their respective family about their award.

April’s Featured Artists

Jefferson also announced its Featured Artists for April. The artwork of one student from each Jefferson classroom is featured each month. The pieces are hung in the hallway and the students are formally acknowledged with a medal. The group is gathered together for a commemorative photo, too.

Art teacher Maria Mazzola believes the top pieces of artwork need to be shared more widely with the school community and the students who create it need to be publicly acknowledged for their exceptional efforts.

April’s Featured Artists include:

Cynthia Acosta Ramos, Robert Barkey, Henry Booth, Aiden Clarke, Steven Contreras Moreira, Tucker Fiore, Violetta Fox, Emily Giron, Jack Hotine, Juliet Johnson, Yecica Licona Cruz, Elliot Manu, Clarissa Marcelino LaQua, Jeffrey Palacios Maldonado, Natalia Rodriguez and Logan Tine.

Planning a visit to Jefferson School? Make sure you take the time to view all the colorful artwork on display in the main hallway.

April's Featured Artists
Jefferson art teacher Maria Mazzola with April's Featured Artists.
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