Grace Curran with ATH President James Graber

HARTE Awards Scholarship to Grace Curran

HARTE scholarship recipient Grace Curran with ATH President James Graber.

August 23, 2017

Grace Curran sure is going to be missed around Huntington High School this fall. The Class of 2017 member is moving on to Syracuse University. She plans to study public relations there.

The Huntington Association of Retired Teachers and Employees awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Ms. Curran, who completed her four year high school run with the grace and class she is so well known for displaying.

Grace Curran
HARTE scholarship recipient
Grace Curran.

Huntington social studies teacher James Graber, who also serves as president of the Associated Teachers of Huntington presented the scholarship to Ms. Curran on behalf of HARTE. The award is funded by dues from HARTE’s members.

Ms. Curran is a happy, upbeat and well-liked young woman. She’s a decisive leader who commands respect from people of all ages. The teenager enjoys a wide circle of friends. Named a Distinguished Senior last spring after compiling an academic grade average of 90 or better during every semester of high school, she claimed membership five different honor societies.

One of the top Blue Devil varsity field hockey players in recent years, Ms. Curran excelled during a credit bearing in internship with the Huntington Booster Club. She said the key to her success has been the “motivation and support” her family, friends and teachers have provided over the years.

Ms. Curran gave up a week of vacation and traveled to New Orleans with the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, engaging in community service activities related to building housing for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2007.

A general event chair for last June’s Relay For Life, Ms. Curran’s organizational efforts helped raise more than $100,000 for the American Cancer Society.

The articulate teenager can hold her own in conversations covering just about any topic. Ms. Curran thrived academically throughout high school and especially enjoyed biology and Women’s Studies courses. She developed many fruitful relationships with Huntington’s teachers and she was valued and trusted by her classmates.

As she heads off to Syracuse University, Ms. Curran is in no danger of ever being forgotten around her alma mater. Her wit, wisdom and laughter will always be remembered.

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