Huntington High School

HHS Parents Asked to Respond to Survey

Huntington High School parents are being asked to complete a survey. (Darin Reed photo.)

December 4, 2017

Huntington High School parents; Principal Brenden Cusack needs a few minutes of your time for an online survey.

“I’d like to get parent feedback regarding a parent academy we’re planning to run in April,” Mr. Cusack said. So far, about 40 parents have responded, but high school officials would like to hear from many more.

Surveys can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phones. Simply log onto one of the following addresses:

English version:
Spanish version:

Huntington High School currently enrolls 410 freshmen, 438 sophomores, 331 juniors and 340 seniors. Two students are pursuing GED credentials. The total enrollment stands at 1,521.

Huntington High School is a four-year comprehensive public school, accredited by the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools and the New York State Board of Regents. All students are provided with challenging programs that enable them to successfully transition into post-secondary schools and meet the demands of colleges and universities.

Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack.
Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack.

Huntington students are required to fulfill a minimum of 22 credits for graduation, including four units in English, four units in social studies, three units in mathematics, three units in science, one unit in world language, one unit in fine arts (art or music), one-half unit of health, two credits in physical education and additional electives as needed. Honors level courses are available in most subjects, and Advanced Placement courses are offered to those in grades 10-12. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the science research program beginning in ninth grade and are encouraged to continue with the program throughout their high school career.

Huntington students are required to fulfill 10 hours of community service each year. Approximately 78 percent of students participate in interscholastic sports. The high school offers 27 varsity and 14 junior varsity teams. About 49 percent of the student-athletes earn honor roll status each quarter.

Dozens of after school club opportunities are also available. Drama club productions take to the stage every fall and spring. The robotics team has repeatedly reached the world championships. The high school art and music programs are among the best in the country.

Contact Mr. Cusack at [email protected] for more information about Huntington High School.

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