Kelly Krycinski at the microphone at  last March's K-Factor talent show.

Teacher Kelly Krycinski Presented with Special Honor

Kelly Krycinski at the microphone at last March's K-Factor talent show. (Darin Reed photo.)

December 8, 2017

Kelly Krycinski has a way of reaching students and bringing English to life in her classroom. The veteran Huntington High School teacher is respected by her students and colleagues and for good reason. She never steps before a class of teenagers without impeccable preparation and always has something valuable to share with them.

Mrs. Krycinski’s daily efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. The Post Ellipsis chapter of the National English Honor Society at Huntington High School presented the longtime educator with an honorary membership during this week’s induction ceremony.

“For the past 20 years, Mrs. Krycinski has taught hundreds of students about literature and with each year, our love, appreciation and respect for her grows,” said English Honor Society Secretary Megan Erhardt, who presented the honorary membership to the prized teacher. “She not only taught us about the symbolism of the conch in Lord of the Flies or about the dramatic irony in Romeo and Juliet, but she made the world of reading more enjoyable for her students. She uses her job as a teacher to connect the reading world to reality.”

Ms. Krycinski earned an undergraduate degree at Hofstra University and a master’s degree at Dowling College. She completed her state student teaching requirements at Huntington High School in the spring of 1998 and began teaching in the district in September of that same year.

“I’ve been working here since the beginning of my career and I am still loving it,” Ms. Krycinski said. “I feel blessed every day to have this gig!”

Former students who have moved on to college and careers still recall their gifted English teacher. “I loved her and I know a lot of other people did, too,” said Katie Reilly, a member of Huntington’s Class of 2016 who is now a Princeton University sophomore.

“Mrs. Krycinski has not only been our English teacher, but is also the faculty advisor to one of Huntington High School’s most prominent clubs,” Ms. Erhardt said. “She has helped my fellow Key Club officers and I serve the community by running blood drives, winter apparel and toy drives and most importantly, staging the K-Factor talent show, which raises funds for the American Cancer Society. Her contributions throughout the high school and community have not gone unnoticed. I could not be more proud to present you with this honorary membership. You truly deserve it. I cannot thank you enough for not only being my English 9 Honors teacher, but also my Key Club advisor and someone that I aspire to be.”

Mrs. Krycinski is just as popular with her fellow faculty members as she is with the students in her classes. “She’s the best,” said Michael Schwendemann, a Huntington High School English teacher. It’s a sentiment shared by many.

Huntington High School English teacher Kelly Krycinski.
Huntington High School English teacher Kelly Krycinski.
Kelly Kryscinski performs at the K-Factor talent show in March 2017.
Kelly Kryscinski performs at the K-Factor talent show in March 2017. (Darin Reed photo.)
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