Huntington Math Olympians fared well in Noetic Learning's fall math contest.

Huntington Math Olympians Capture Honors

Huntington Math Olympians fared well in Noetic Learning's fall math contest.

December 11, 2017

Huntington Math Olympiad program participants fared well in Noetic Learning’s fall math contest. Twenty-two students captured honorable mention recognition, placing them in the top 50 percent nationally among the 23,000 test-takers spread across grades 2-8.

One hundred Huntington youngsters took the 20-question national online math exam. “Noetic Learning is dedicated to bringing high-quality mathematics learning materials to students, parents and educators,” according to the company’s website. “We offer innovative and standards-based supplemental resources to support the learning, teaching and appreciation of math. Our e-learning programs engage 21st century students and enhance their fluency in a variety of mathematical concepts. Students who cultivate an interest in math early on are better prepared to excel, both in school and in their careers.”

SEARCH teacher Jessica Risalvato coaches Huntington's Math Olympiad teams.
SEARCH teacher Jessica Risalvato coaches Huntington's Math Olympiad teams.

The Huntington honorees include:

Fifth grade
Woodhull Intermediate School: Parker Hepworth, Griffin Kanzer, Emily Kustera, Lauren Donaghy, Alyssa Evans, Matthew Emmanuele, Geovanny Iglesias-Soriano, Anthony Addeo, Ronnie Carrillo
Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School: Isaac Joseph, Anshi Paul

Sixth grade
Woodhull Intermediate School: Ben Edgar-McNerney, Samantha Koepele, Andrew Ganley, Sophia Kaloudis, Nicholas Sclafani, Charlotte Gordon
Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School: Lars Galvin, Jackson Stollmack, Samantha McGloin, Uma Shtrom, Peter Leavy

The highest scorer on each of Huntington’s four teams was awarded a medal with Woodhull School’s Parker Hepworth (fifth grade) and Ben Edgar-McNerney (sixth grade) and Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School’s Issac Joseph (fifth grade), Lars Galvin (sixth grade) and Jackson Stollmack earning top honors. Mr. Hepworth scored higher than any other Huntington student.

All of the Math Olympians have been working with Huntington UFSD’s first year SEARCH (Scholastic Enrichment and Resource for the Children in Huntington) teacher Jessica Risalvato, who obtained undergraduate (sociology) and graduate (childhood special education) degrees at Fordham University in 2007 and 2008, respectively. She earned an advanced graduate certificate in gifted education at SUNY Buffalo in 2015.

Prior to her appointment in Huntington, Ms. Risalvato had been working as an elementary grade level gifted program teacher in New York City since September 2013. She earlier spent a year working as an elementary teacher at Our World Neighborhood Charter School and five years as an elementary grade teacher at Bronx Charter School for Excellence.

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