HHS Science Research Students Visit Finley

Finley eighth graders recently learned more about the high school science research program.

December 13, 2017

Huntington High School’s science research program participants aren’t allowing an idle minute to creep into their day as they go about formulating projects that will later be entered into a series of competitions.

The intellectually high powered teenagers are certainly energetic as well as being articulate advocates for the program they all cherish. A small delegation of particularly enthusiastic science research participants recently traveled to J. Taylor Finley Middle School to share with students there all the benefits the program has to offer.

“The goal was to get students interested in the science research class, so when they finally become high schoolers, they too can step into the world of science,” said senior Nolan Piccola, who has spent several years interning with teacher Lori Kenny, who leads the research program.

“The field trip was an interesting experience,” senior Josh Yanuck said. “It was great to take the time to reflect on my past years in science research while also stimulating interest in the middle schoolers so that they too can learn as much as I have.”

The high school science research team that spent time at Finley didn’t really know what the reaction of the younger students would be to their pitch. They didn’t need to worry. The Finley students proved to be a receptive audience, listening intently to the presentations, asking questions and displaying enthusiasm for a unique hands-on course unlike anything they had previously been exposed to.

The high school teenagers also devoted a segment to providing an overview of some of the projects they have developed in recent years. While the competitive season can be a stressful time for science research program participants, it is also an exhilarating experience to complete a project and then present it to judges at a series of contests.

Members of the delegation that traveled to Finley said the team had an “amazing time” sharing their love for the science research program with the younger crows and they hope they opened eyes and convinced many to give the unique course a try.

(Huntington High School senior Nolan Piccola contributed reporting for this story. He is a science research program participant and intern with teacher Lori Kenny.)

Huntington High School science research teacher Lori Kenny.
Huntington High School science research teacher Lori Kenny.
Huntington science research program intern Nolan Piccola.
Huntington science research program intern Nolan Piccola.

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