Alexandra Muller

Alexandra Muller Strives to Make a Difference

Huntington senior Alexandra Muller.

February 2, 2017

Alexandra Muller is a doer and a shaker, not merely a spectator. The Huntington High School senior thrives by being in the arena, diving into the causes and organizations that she holds dear.

A member of several academic honor societies, Ms. Muller participates in numerous high school clubs and is vice president of the Gay-Straight Alliance. She’s one of the most involved students in Huntington’s Class of 2017.

Ms. Muller’s senior year schedule includes Advanced Placement Calculus AB, AP Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP Government and Politics and Advanced Drawing and Painting.

The teenager is headed to New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study next fall. “I hope to create a program that combines my interests in art, psychology, philosophy, gender studies, sociology and neuroscience,” Ms. Muller said. “My eventual goal is to go into an art therapy career or something along those lines, where I can eventually help people with mental illnesses and those who have experienced trauma.”

The senior has been inducted into the National Honor Society as well as the English Honor Society, Science Honor Society and Social Studies Honor Society. In addition to GSA, Ms. Muller writes for the high school’s newspaper, The Dispatch and its literary magazine, Et Cetera. She also volunteers with Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity chapter.

“Outside of school, I have attended several protests and marches in both New York City and Washington, D.C. and hope to get more involved in the political community, something that should become much easier as I will be living in the city for the next chapter of my life,” Ms. Muller said.
Rather than coasting to graduation, Ms. Muller has chosen to get the most out of every day she has remaining in high school. She gives the clubs that mean so much to her every last bit of energy she can muster.

“GSA has always been my safe haven,” Ms. Muller said. “The group has always been very accepting, open to discussion and ready to get involved in all LGBTQ+ matters in our local and global community, which has become increasingly important to me in more recent months. Becoming the vice president this year has given me the ability to take action and initiative, leading discussions with GSA President Chloe Liepa and other group members, which can help bring awareness to others in the group and eventually to the surrounding community.”

 The teenager has development many fruitful relationships with high school faculty members. “Over the years I’ve become very close with Ms. [Aimee] Antorino and Mr. [Edward] Florea,” Ms. Muller said. “They’ve helped me get through the toughest of classes and the most stressful of situations and have supported me throughout my academic career.”

The senior is a strong writer and she is putting her talent to good use. “Being involved in Et Cetera has given me a voice that I wasn’t even aware I had,” Ms. Muller said. “Before I joined the club, I had never shown anyone my writing other than teachers and advisors and now I’m more than confident in myself and my writing abilities. Writing has been an outlet for me for as long as I can remember, so being involved in a group like this, where people feel comfortable sharing their pieces and getting feedback, has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that come along with writing.”

At the top of Ms. Muller’s list of priorities is helping others. She wants to make a difference in this world and even at her relatively young age she is succeeding in doing just that.

“Habitat for Humanity is one of the greatest organizations I’ve ever been a part of,” Ms. Muller said. “During my sophomore year I attended the New Orleans build over spring break and it opened my eyes to how much good a single person or group of people can do for others. Being a part of that group inspired me to look into careers where I’ll have the ability to make a difference in other people’s lives and help them in some way.”

As her remaining days at Huntington High School grow fewer, Ms. Muller is increasingly making every last hour count. She’s jamming as much as she can into the time that remains and when she graduates it will be without any regrets.

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