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H-ton’s Career Internship Program Continues to Thrive

Huntington High School interns and mentors recently gathered for a luncheon.

February 3, 2017

Huntington High School’s career internship program offers seniors a glimpse of what the future might hold. Learning all about the various aspects of a job before ever stepping foot on a college campus and deciding to pursue a specific academic major appeals to the hundreds of students who have participated in the initiative over the years.

Coordinated by guidance counselor Bernadette Walsh and retired high school librarian Camille DeCanio, the internship program provides participants with a challenging real world environment allowing them to experience all the ins and outs and pressures of an assortment of career fields and even actual job titles.

Camille DeCanio
Camille DeCanio helps coordinate
the career internship program.

“The student internship program is designed to provide seniors with opportunities for enrichment activities that go beyond the traditional academic experience,” states the high school curriculum guide. “During the year, students will pursue a career and develop a creative project. Participants will earn one academic credit for their yearlong placement. Students are required to work under the supervision of their mentor and to maintain a detailed journal reflecting on completed activities and knowledge gained from their experiences.”

The program is available to seniors, who earn one academic credit following completion of their respective internship. “There are a number of benefits for students to learn real world applications before graduating from high school,” Ms. DeCanio said. “The student internship program offers a chance to learn by doing in a setting where students are supervised by a workplace professional and have the opportunity to achieve their own learning goals.”

Forty seniors are participating in internships this year. Mentors include teachers at four different district schools spread across grade levels and academic disciplines.

“These mentors provide opportunities for student interns by building strong relationships that foster leadership, citizenship, responsibility and service,” Ms. DeCanio said. “Students are also interning with several district organizations, including the Huntington Alumni Association, Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Huntington Booster Club.”

Bernadette Walsh
Huntington school counselor
Bernadette Walsh helps coordinate the internship program.

Many of the program’s participants are engaged in internships outside of the school district in such places as County Legislator William Spencer’s office, Tri-CYA and Green Light Fit, a fitness and nutrition web-based community.

“Huntington High School’s tradition of excellence thrives on providing a foundation from which the community’s youth will draw strength and inspiration and this is exactly what the student internship program provides,” Mrs. Walsh said. “Over the years, many students have found that their internship experiences confirm their career choices while others decide not to pursue a job path that they had earlier considered. In each instance, participants complete the program with an ability to further define their career path.”

Interns and mentors gathered together late last month for a luncheon in the high school library, celebrating a successful fall semester and laying out plans for what they hope will be interesting and valuable experiences this spring.

interns and mentors
Huntington High School interns and mentors recently gathered for a luncheon.
interns and mentors
Huntington High School interns and mentors recently gathered for a luncheon.
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