Washington Ways winners

Awards Galore at Washington Primary School

Principal Marsha Neville with January's Washington Ways Award recipients.

February 6, 2017

Washington Primary School celebrated the good work of dozens of students last Friday afternoon when Principal Marsha Neville announced the latest recipients of a pair of coveted awards.

A long line of smiling youngsters marched down the hallway to the main office where each of them was presented with a colorful Washington Ways Award certificate. The group later posed for a commemorative photo with Mrs. Neville in the main lobby.

The Washington Ways initiative focuses on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior while encouraging students to be safe, respectful and responsible. Students across all grade levels are given various colored tickets by teachers and support staff members for exemplary behavior. The tickets can be presented to the youngsters throughout the day.

The award recipients included Yasmin Palacios, Manuelle Hernandez, Ethan Hobbi, Annabel Cassato, Justin Vujeva, Caleigh Camarata, Christopher Gomez, Brian Fuentes-Reyes, Michael Munsch, Andrew Lopez, Sophia Villatoro, Lauren Dopico, Azucena Alvarado-Gomez, Katie Cocoman, Jonathan Morales, Samantha Muller, Zynear McCarvin, Milton Maldonado, Griffin Kanzer, Jhordan Hernandez and Kimberly Bermudez Gomez.

The entire classes of teachers Nicole Monte/Jennifer Stucchio and Deborah Quiles were also honored for their outside performance in an out of classes throughout January.

Featured Artists of the Month

Washington artists
Teacher Karen Morea and Principal Marsha Neville
with February's Featured Artists.

Art teachers Maria Mazzola and Karen Morea also selected one student in each class as a Featured Artist for February. The youngsters will have their artwork displayed in Washington’s main hallway.

The Featured Artists include Amaris Moore, Sara Benitez de la Roche du Ronzet, Ezra Oddoye, Brandon Soto Quintanilla, Andreana Vlahos, Jaiden Fowler, Ruby Baliber, Catherine Jimenez, Brandon Watts, Griffin Kanzer, Brianna Velasquez Vasquez, Jibreel Murtaza, Yaqueline Zelaya Zelaya, Shane Hepworth, Ryan Kohut, Yubin Ahn, Lesli Aparicio Moreira, Ava Bencivenga and Amy Velasquez Mancia.

The youngsters were given certificates to bring home and show to their loved ones.

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