Photography Trio

Huntington Photography Trio Shines at Exhibit

Max Schauder, Alyssa Fox and Jean Miller at the juried exhibit.

February 9, 2017

Huntington High School’s photography program continues to reach new heights. Two current seniors and one recent graduate have their work on exhibit in the Huntington Art Council’s juried show, The Human Condition now running at the Main Street Gallery.

Seniors Alyssa Fox and Max Schauder and Class of 2016 member Jean Miller are among a select group of amateur and professional photographers with pieces on display in the show.

The Huntington trio of exceptional young photographers attended the show’s opening last Friday night. The teenagers held court, discussing their work and future plans. They have all worked closely with teacher Pamela Piffard, who heads the high school’s photography program.

Alyssa Fox
Alyssa Fox with her photography at the Main Street Gallery.

“All three students submitted impressive work that was met with great accolades at the opening last Friday night,” Ms. Piffard said. “I’m so proud of each of them.”

The exhibit is on display through February 25. Admission is free. The show was juried by Mark Josloff, who inspired the exhibit with this comment:

“People are affected by their cultures, surroundings, personal relationships and individual situations. Observe and capture aspects of the human condition through individual character studies or person to person interactions. Expressions, body language, you can even depict settings which show the specific impact of humans without their physical presence.”

The three teenager are among 34 photographers with work chosen for the exhibit. “The show opening was great,” Ms. Fox said. “I got lots of compliments and met a few really good artists. The gallery even offered me a summer internship. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!”

Mr. Josloff has taught painting at the National Art League while also serving as president of the Long Island Center of Photography. He judges painting and photographic exhibitions across the metropolitan area.

“It was a great experience,” said Mr. Schauder about attending the exhibit’s opening. “There was so much amazing artwork. I’m glad I could be a party to this level of artistic excellence.”

Although she graduated last June, Ms. Miller continues to be in close contact with Ms. Piffard, who is mentoring the teenager and she brings her photography to a new level.

“Being chosen for the Human Condition juried competition was such a great opportunity,” Ms. Miller said. “There were so many talented young adults and professional photographers that attended and had their work exhibited. Being able to have my work up on the same walls as them was such an amazing feeling. I hope to be able to show my work with the Huntington Arts Council in the future.”

The show is drawing crowds, even in the middle of winter. Art lovers have expressed delight with the exhibit and the varied nature of the individual pieces.

“On the walls of the Huntington Arts Council’s Main Street Gallery we can now interact with fellow humans from different cultures around the world or from the confines of our own backyards, even from the depths of our own minds,” Mr. Josloff said. “I am honored to have been able to receive so many brilliant photographic images to pore through. In the process I’ve been moved greatly and I’m confident that everyone who sees this exhibition will be impacted the same way.”

Alyssa Fox
Alyssa Fox's photography is award winning.
Max Schauder
Max Schauder's photography is insightful.
Max Schauder
Max Schuader's photography has earned rave reviews.
Jean Miller's photography is fascinating.
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