Grace Curran

Senior Grace Curran Sets Sights on Syracuse University

Huntington's Grace Curran controls the ball. (Darin Reed photo.)

February 14, 2017

Grace Curran’s smile lets everyone know she is a happy teenager. The Huntington High School senior is in the home stretch of a magnificent four year run that has seen her excel in every aspect of her experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Ms. Curran is headed to Syracuse University where she plans to study public relations in the famed S.I. Newhouse School of Communications. “I am very interested in pursuing a career in public relations because I love problem solving, writing and most importantly, talking,” the teenager said.

The senior decided early in the process that the upstate New York school was the place for her. “I’m so excited because aside from the incredible program it offers, Syracuse is beautiful and has a ton of school pride and spirit,” Ms. Curran said. “I knew this was exactly what I wanted since my last four years at Huntington have taught me that you can never have too much school spirit.” 

Grace Curran
Huntington senior Grace Curran.

The teenager is currently enrolled in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, AP Microeconomics, AP Government and Politics, Spanish V Honors, Physics and Calculus.

Ms. Curran has made good use of the opportunities that Huntington High School offers to its students. “I played on the varsity field hockey team for three years and loved every second of it,” the senior said. “Since I’m not the most athletic, I fill my time by being very involved in the Relay For Life Committee and Habitat for Humanity. I have been the survivorship chair for Relay, but am currently one of three event chairs and am also secretary of Habitat. I went to New Orleans last year to build and am going this April as well.”

A member of the National Honor Society as well as the Social Studies, Math, English and Spanish Honor Societies, Ms. Curran is engaged in a credit bearing career internship with the Huntington Booster Club this year.

“Some of my favorite teachers have been Mr. [Michael] Graziano for Geometry and Mrs. [Deborah] Beck for AP Bio,” Ms. Curran said. “I have Mrs. [Amelia DiPalma] Saggese for Physics this year and I really like her and her teaching style. Even though he’s not technically a teacher, Mr. [Robert] Gilmor is definitely one of my favorites. He’s the most generous person I’ve ever met. I have a special place in my heart for Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi, who I had as a teacher for three years and travelled with to Peru and now the Galapagos! She’s the best and has taught me so much both in and out of the classroom, from world travelers in Global History and how strong women are in Women’s Studies to the way traveling can open your mind through our South American adventures.”

A popular young woman, Ms. Curran is typically surrounded by a cast of close friends on any given day. “Some of my favorite memories at Huntington High School have been playing field hockey, going to float nights and Homecoming games, dressing up for spirit weeks, and of course, participating in Relay for Life,” she said. “I love anything that brings our school together to have a good time.”

This has been a special time in Ms. Curran’s life. She will graduate as one of the top students academically in the Class of 2017, but her experience has included much more than what she has learned in the building’s classrooms.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been amazing,” Ms. Curran said. “Being in such a friendly environment really made school more enjoyable. Huntington always made me want to be better, whether that pushed me to participate more, study more, or even to say hi to more people in the hallway. I definitely think being involved made all the difference in my high school experience and I would encourage everyone to get involved, too. There are so many clubs at our school that there is something for everyone.”

Similar to just about any senior in the country, Ms. Curran is excited about the future and going away to college. She is thrilled to be headed to Syracuse and can’t wait to begin studying public relations in one of the premier communications schools in the world. Regardless of how far she travels, she will never forget her hometown and alma mater.

“I am really going to miss Huntington and all the people here, but once a Blue Devil always a Blue Devil,” Ms. Curran said.

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