Max Schauder

Senior Max Schauder Enjoys the Time of His Life

Max Schauder (No. 1) in action for Huntington football.

February 17, 2017

Max Schauder has had the time of his life these past four years. The Huntington High School senior laughs countless times during any given day and goes about his business in a way that let’s everyone know that nothing is going to get him down.

Mr. Schauder’s college plans are still taking shape as he considers several City University of New York and State University of New York schools. The teenager is interested in filmmaking and photography.

A member of the varsity football, indoor track and field and lacrosse teams, sports have figured prominently in Mr. Schauder’s high school years. Coaches are among the most influential individuals in his life and he’s hit it off with all of them.

Among his favorite teachers and coaches are Ron Wilson, Steve Muller, Andrew White, Todd Jamison, Anthony Troffa, Kathleen Aufiero and Pamela Piffard.

“Max is a great kid,” Mr. Troffa said. “He was an extremely hard worker on the lacrosse field and was given the award for Most Improved Player when he was on JV. When he was a junior, he was in my US History class and was a top student. He is very interested in politics and current events and led the class in some great discussions.”

Max Schauder
Huntington senior Max Schauder.

The senior is enrolled in Advanced Placement Photography, psychology, Holocaust literature, criminal justice, participation in government and economics classes.

Mr. Schauder likes being on a team, from the camaraderie and interaction with coaches to the training and competition itself. He cites playing for the Blue Devil football team as the highlight of his high school years.

The teenager gets along especially well with Ms. Piffard, who he has worked with for many years in the high school photography program. Some of his photographs were chosen recently for display at a Main Street Huntington gallery.

“Max is an extremely talented photographer,” Ms. Piffard said. “He has a great eye for seeing what others don’t see. His work just keeps getting better and better.”

What’s the one thing Mr. Schauder has always wanted to be at Huntington High School? “Mr. [Paul] Caleca’s boss,” he said in reference to one of the building’s deans. The two have had an interesting relationship through the years. The teenager would also love to have his own reserved parking spot.

“I have known Max for four years,” Mr. Caleca said. “I’ve literally watched him grow up and mature. I’m hearing that someday Max would like to be my boss. That would be awesome, but we might have to ask Mr. Cusack about that first! When Max came into the school as a ninth grader he used to look up at me. Somewhere about midway through tenth grade we looked at each other eye to eye. Now that he’s leaving I have to look up at him. Either he’s really gotten tall or I’m shrinking.”

The senior expects to finalize his college plans by the spring. “What I will remember most from Huntington High School is the people I have met through sports and through class,” Mr. Schauder said. “So many amazing experiences have happened to me in these four short years. I have created memories that I will never forget. For as long as I live I will always have at least one great story to tell from my time as a Blue Devil.” 

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