Steve Yeh

Steve Yeh Captures HHS Spelling Bee

Huntington High School spelling bee champ Steve Yeh is crowned.

February 27, 2017

Steve Yeh has just about mastered the English language. The senior won the seventh annual Huntington High School spelling bee when he correctly spelled “promulgate” in the finals of the competition.

In the fierce battle for first place, Mr. Yeh edged fellow seniors Tazwar Akber and Sam Prinzi. Huntington School Board member Emily Rogan and Chairperson of Humanities Joseph Leavy served as the competition’s judges.

The officers of Huntington’s Post Ellipsis chapter of the National English Honor Society spent about a month planning this year’s event. A preliminary spelling test was administered in English with the top scorers advancing to the finals in the auditorium.

Huntington’s National English Honor Society chapter has a membership of 150. The organization’s executive board includes Sarah James (president), Nolan Piccola (vice president), treasurers Shannon Foley (co-treasurer) and Thomas Edgar-McNerney (co-treasurer), Anjali Kapur (co-secretary) and Zachary McGinniss (co-secretary) and historian Lindsay Saginaw. English teachers Aimee Antorino and Helen Guarino serve as the faculty advisors.

Steve Yeh
Huntington senior Steve Yeh is the high school spelling bee champ.

To be considered for NEHS membership a student must have a minimum academic grade average of 90, “exhibiting an impressive breadth of academic excellence,” while maintaining an English grade of at least 92 on the Regents level or 94 on the honors level.

The spelling bee finals played out over three periods near the end of a recent school day. The NEHS officers chose the words posed to contestants and created the sentences used in the competition itself. Students were allowed to attend the event during their free periods or lunch periods or if their respective teacher brought them down to the auditorium.

“I thought it was exhilarating to have made it to the end of the spelling bee through several periods of the school day,” said Mr. Yeh, whose English teacher is Ms. Kelly Quintero. “Kudos to Taz as well. It really could have gone either way.”

Mr. Yeh was presented with a $25 gift certificate to Book Revue.

Spelling Bee
Chair of Humanities Joe Leavy and Trustee Emily Rogan were the judges.
Huntington senior Sam Prinzi earned third place in the high school spelling bee.
Spelling Bee
Huntington senior Tazwar Akber finished second in the high school spelling bee.

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