Washington Students Write to US Service Men and Women

Washington class reps with certificates denoting participation in the letter initiative

January 06, 2017

Tina Balducci has lots of friends. One of them is US Army Captain Christopher Capasso. The Washington Primary School teacher has invited the solider to visit with students in the past and she thinks it’s mutually beneficial if the youngsters keep their connection with him intact.

Ms. Balducci and faculty colleague Peri Alfano recently sat down and talked and the duo concluded that it would be a “positive experience” if Washington students wrote thank you letters to military service men and women, acknowledging the sacrifices they make for their country and the gratitude everyone feels for the soldiers, sailors and flyers who put their lives on the line for Americans.

Besides visiting with Washington School students, Captain Capasso has Skyped from Germany with Jefferson School youngsters and he’s sent cards and military badges to students, too.

Captain Chris Capasso with boxes
of Washington School letters.

“He has served in the military since 2007, including two tours in Afghanistan,” said Ms. Balducci, a close friend of the Army officer. “We used this connection to send letters to him and other veterans that he knows who are also serving.”

Washington School teachers were given the option of pursuing the initiative as a “whole group” activity or having their students write individual letters.

“The Washington students wrote creative and thoughtful letters that included thanking the veterans for their service and wishing them a happy and safe holiday and some even included questions for the veterans,” Ms. Balducci said. The Washington School family hopes that all veterans who have completed their service and as well as current members of the Armed Forces enjoyed the recent holidays and will eventually return home safely to their families.”

Famed journalist Dan Rather with US Army Captain Chris Capasso.
US Army Captain Chris Capasso and Washington School teacher Tina Balducci.
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