Christopher Chang’s Music Star Rises in Huntington

Huntington junior Christopher Chang.

January 12, 2017

Christopher Chang doesn’t allow anything to distract him as he methodically pursues his goals. The Huntington High School junior has a variety of academic and co-curricular interests, but he especially shines as one of the top young musicians in a building filled with nearly 1,600 students.

Proficient in violin, bass, guitar and piano, he singles out the latter as his “number one” instrument. “I got involved in music because my two sisters were taking private lessons for violin, so at three years old I asked my parents for violin lessons and have been playing ever since,” Mr. Chang said.

That early request was only the beginning of a love affair with music. “At the age of seven, I asked my parents for piano lessons for my birthday,” Mr. Chang said. “Then I learned bass and guitar by myself.”

The teenager plans to study science in college, but he said the possibility exists that he will add a minor in “some form” of music.

“The Huntington music program is excellent because it has broadened my horizons and helped me join groups like pit orchestra for the school musical and chamber orchestra,” Mr. Chang said.

A member of Huntington’s Quiz Bowl and Science Bowl teams, Mr. Chang also volunteers with the high school’s Key Club chapter. He singles out science teacher Danielle Lusardi and math teacher Kathleen Aufiero as being especially influential during his time in high school.

Highlights of the past four years include performing with the pit orchestra in the drama club production of The Little Mermaid, being picked to play with the All-State orchestra and participating in the Key Club’s K-Factor talent show. The teenager was also chosen to perform in the Long Island String Festival.

“I would highly recommend that people join the Huntington music program because it gives you many opportunities to showcase your talents and to broaden your love for music,” Mr. Chang said.

The junior urges incoming freshman to keep a positive frame of mind. “Never get discouraged,” Mr. Chang said. “Always work hard and strive for your goals.”