Washington Honors Exceptional Youngsters at Assembly

December's Washington Ways Award winners

January 13, 2017

Principals everywhere enjoy recognizing students for a job well done and Marsha Neville is no different. Washington Primary School’s educational leader loves to congratulate the youngsters studying in her building whenever they give her even the slightest reason to single them out.

Mrs. Neville had plenty of reasons to present dozens of awards this past Tuesday morning during an assembly in the school gym. The longtime principal announced the latest round of Washington Ways Award recipients as well as Featured Artists of the Month who have their work on display in the main hallway.

The newest Washington Ways honorees include Geselle Chavez Quintanilla, Leslie Aparicio, William Respass, Daniel Stabile, Christian Rivas-Jerez, Valerie Alfaro, Jude Desidario, Eva Rosales, Alyson Ramirez-Escobar, Christina Ray, Chelsea Drummings, Joshua Roman, Junior Quintanilla, Cameron Smith, Isabella Smith, Caleb Palermo, Aris Cruz-Guevara, Alvin Luna-Mancia, Juan Quintanilla, Janelee Gomez-Hernandez and Harrison Uvena.

The Washington Ways initiative focuses on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior while encouraging students to be safe, respectful and responsible. Students across all grade levels are given various colored tickets by teachers and support staff members for exemplary behavior. The tickets can be presented to the youngsters throughout the day.

The entire classes of kindergarten teacher Melissa Mazzalonga and fourth grade teacher Betsy Flanagan were also recognized for their impressive group performance throughout the month of December.

Featured Artists of the Month

This week’s assembly program also include the presentation of Featured Artist of the Month Awards to Katherine Van Horn, Tyler Russell, Dayanna Cruz Melendez, Abigail Arelt, Samuel Osias, Artturi Landau, Matthew Pin, Owen Gordon, Yastelin Ochoa Alvarez, Olivia Pordes, Ella Van Horn, Roodes Similien, Sofia Van Arsdale, Cameron Smith, Carly Gallagher, Katherine Castro Portillo, Nicholas Plachta and Kenneth Cano Soto.

Mrs. Neville presented the award winners with certificates and they received a round of applause from their classmates. Their artwork is now on display in the school’s main hallway near the cafeteria.

The students are in classes taught by art teachers Maria Mazzola and Karen Morea.

Leadership Team Skit on Restroom Procedures

A group of fourth grade leadership team members presented a short skit on restroom procedures, etiquette and general behavior expectations. The youngsters role-played through various situations and both demonstrated and explained how they should be handled. Students were asked to be quiet in hallways to and from the restroom and to be responsible at all times. Mrs. Neville facilitated the presentation.

The awards assembly was exciting for these Washington kindergarteners.
Some of the Featured Artists' work on display.
Some of the Featured Artists' work on display.
Washington's latest Featured Artists Award recipients.
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